Elite Dangerous – Federal Corvette PvE Allrounder Engineers Loadout

A Guide for a Allrounder PvE Federal Corvette with Engineers Loadout. It will take alot of Time to get the full Engineers Loadout but this Guide will show you what is the best for a Allrounder PvE Corvette. This Guide represents my experience and tests.

Should I Get It? Is It Better than the Cutter and the Anaconda?

Yes, you SHOULD get it. The Cutter is objectively better at basking, cargo hauling, mining, shield-tanking and flying in a straight line (which are all good benefits). Anaconda is cheaper, and on paper can come out with higher DPS; however, because of the Corvette’s superior agility and the resulting higher time-on-target, it is an all-around superior battleship. I would go as far as to argue that the Corvette is a straight upgrade from Anaconda, as long as you are willing to put up with the jump range.

How Bad is the Jump Range?

Depends on what you consider bad. With a “good enough” G5 Extended Range roll, multirole fit, expect to get 18-19LY. Without the hull upgrade, you can push it over 21LY, but just barely. In the modern world it is indeed bad; but remember that prior to RNGneers, a combat-fitted Anaconda jumping 19-20LY was considered “perfectly adequate”. Another thing that helps cope with the jump range is the fact that the Corvette generally runs cool and, when fitted with a 6B fuel scoop, can top up the fuel tank in one close pass at full throttle. This lets you make sequential jumps very quickly.

What Should I Engineer?

Everything. Engineers pushes the Corvette from the realm of “strong” to “stupidly OP”. You want:

  • G5 OC Powerplant (You will need around 38MW but watch also for a low heat roll)
  • G5 Extended Range FSD
  • G5 Dirty Drive Tuning (once you get it, Corvette starts flying like a big Python. It’s quite lovely).
  • G5 Charge Enhanced Distributor (10MW/s+ Recharge is recommend)
  • G5 Thermal Resistant bi-weave shields
  • 4x G5 Heavy Duty Shield Boosters (60%+ roll)
  • 2x G5 Resistance Augmented Shield boosters (15%+ in all 3 rolls)
  • G5 Lightweight Sensors
  • G5 Lightweight Life Support

For a List what Materials / Datas you need visit this site.

What Weapons Should I Use?

Unless you are partial to certain weapons, in PvE you should aim for maximum longevity and lowest stress. To that end you’ll want:

  • 2x Gimbal Huge Beam Laser (G5 Efficient, NO Special Effect).
  • 1x Gimbal Large Multicannon (G5 Overcharged, Autoloader).
  • 2x Gimbal Medium Multicannons (G5 Overcharged, Autoloader).
  • 1x Gimbal Small Multicannon (G5 Overcharged, Corrosive).
  • 1x Gimbal Small Multicannon (G5 Overcharged, Autoloader).

Should I Use Turrets?

NO. With G5 drives, the Corvette is so agile that unless you are blind and have no hands, you should have no problem keeping anything in the firing arc of your gimbals. Do not give up your DPS for nothing.

Yes if you want to Play with your Friends as Crew Gunner. Only turret Weapons can be used by Crew Member.

Should I Use Fixed Weapons?

Yes, if you are good with them. I’m not. If you Place a Elite Crew NPC as Helm it can be also effective with fixed Weapons.

How Should I Fight?

Two huge effective beam lasers deliver a massive punch at 0-1500m. Don’t fire your multicannons at anything smaller than a Vulture, just burn them down with beams (with 4 pips in WEP you can fire them almost indefinitely or really indefinitely). Vultures and bigger, take out the shields with the lasers and then start firing multicannons. With the correct SLF choice, hull stripping becomes trivial.

Indefinitely proof with a good G5 Charge Enhanced Distributor roll and Beam Laser (G5 Efficient):

What SLF Should I Use?

F63 Condor Rogue F (multicannons). Unlike the other two big ships, the Corvette does not need the SLF to tackle small fast targets. The multicannon F63 is a flying huge anti-hull hardpoint with unlimited ammo. It will provide immense help with hull stripping and save your multicannon ammo. This extends the time between needing to rearm/synthesize ammo for your MCs. Remember that SLF pilots below the rank of Expert are worthless.

What Should I Put in the Military (Restricted) Slots?

Nothing, unless you routinely lose shields or dont want lose some Jump Range. But if you install some here what you should use:

  • 1x 5D Hull Reinforcement Package (G5 Heavy Duty)
  • 1x 5D Module Reinforcement Package

How Bad is the Rank/Engineers Grind?

Very bad because you need Rear Admiral as Rank. You must doing a lot of Missions to grind the Federal Rank. Combat, Trading or Exploration wont Rank you in the Federal Rank.

Written by Skynet

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