The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Fix for Various Issues (PC Port)

Arbitrary framerates and resolutions, reduced CPU usage, crash fixes, and more!

Guide to Fixing Some Issues


Fix for a few issues in the PC port, such as:

  • Animation framerate can now be set to arbitrary rate. (defaults to 60 but can be freely adjusted in the ini; set to 30 if you prefer the unpatched game’s update rate)
  • Cursor movement speed now no longer depends on framerate (can also be freely adjusted).
  • Resolution can now be set to arbitrary resolutions reported by your GPU/Monitor.
  • CPU usage on some threads is now no longer unnecessarily high.
  • Reports process as High-DPI aware so it doesn’t get scaled by Windows.
  • Attempt at fixing the crash some people experience when interacting with the Jury.

All options are can be enabled/disabled or configured in dgs.ini.

How to Use

Make sure you have the x64 Visual Studio 2019 runtime installed.

Then download the mod:

Place DINPUT8.dll and dgs.ini in the same folder as TGAAC.exe, then run the game from Steam as normal. (Do not run TGAAC.exe directly! The game, even unpatched, crashes on boot when not run through Steam.)

Adjust configuration in dgs.ini as necessary.

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