Ultrakill – Secret Soul Orbs Locations (Act II Imperfect Hatred)

Here is all of the Secret Orbs Locations on Act II Imperfect Hatred.

All Secret Soul Orbs Locations

4-1 Slaves to Power

  • 1-Right under the bridge you start the level from.
  • 2-On top of the ceiling with a campfire under it.

  • 3-For this you need to press a button which is on top of the 2nd image after you press the button go back in the other building and theres a orb waiting for you.

  • 4-This one is on the higher bridges on your left.

  • 5-Right before entering the exit room look up.

4-2 ♥♥♥ The Sun

  • 1-Rigth behind the picture of cerberus holding red orb.

  • 2-Before going through third checkpoint look to your rigth in the corner below.

  • 3-Jump to the place to the left (on ss)go straight turn rigth there is a button you need to press. After that come back to the same place,turn back and go down the stairs there should be secret door opened.

  • 4-Climb on top of the place in picture there is a red orb.

  • 5-This one is not an orb its an dual-weilding modify.Its below the entrance of the red skull door.

4-3 A Shot in the Dark

  • 1-Enter the level turn to room to the rigth go left,turn your left there should be little gap you can slide in. In there ligth the campfire open the door then go straigth and open a door rigth in front of you.
  • 2-Enter the level turn left then jump between the ceiling of the that room you are in.

  • 3-This one is a dual-wield modify. In the ceiling of room you lit three campfires.To get it you stay on top of one campfire so it would take you to the ceiling.

  • 4-After the checkpoint in the hallway turn left find the section you can break.Get in there and turn left.

  • 5-In the room where you fight with malicious face,cerberus,virtue in the water there is a gap. Slide underneath it.

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