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Maps for all areas in the game, showing locations of checkpoints, weapons, armour, consumables, key items, map beacons, traders, and other NPCs. Spoilers, obviously.

Note: This awesome maps were created by Demajen. If you want to support him, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.


Confirmed on my second playthrough that I do have all the Armour Pieces in the game listed on the maps, so you should be good to go for your Skinmaker achievement.

Weeping Cavity

Unformed Desert



World Pillar


Yr Den

Feaster’s Lair

Servant’s Path

Carven Palace


Spoiler Areas Notice

Because the game has some surprises in store, I’ve not uploaded the maps for the final areas here and won’t do so for a while just so people can enjoy the game for themselves.

Spoiler Area #1

After completing Shidra’s quest, you can cross the sealed barrier in the Carven Palace and explore this area. There are some healing items to find and a Crimson Ichor.

Spoiler Area #2

After working your way through Spoiler Area #1, you enter Area #2. Talk to every NPC here and destroy their stuff.

There is a main boss fight here that will give you the Double Jump ability as well as the ability to upgrade weapons at Surrogates.

Spoiler Area #3

This section is story and platforming heavy. Explore everywhere and read all the lore.

You have a health buff while you are here. Take your time and figure things out without fear.

Spoiler Area #4

The penultimate area of the game has a big boss fight, which grants you the ability to warp between all surrogates which is very useful for clearing up anything you may have missed.

Spoiler Area #5

Keep your eyes peeled for purple columns of light in this area. They have things to say.


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