Starbase – Automatic Generator Output with Basic YOLOL

A super simple way to modify your ship for automated energy/fuel management with YOLOL code in Starbase.

Guide to Automatic Generator Output


You can easily modify your ship to save tons of energy and avoid replacing fuel rods every so often.

With a basic script coded in YOLOL, Starbase’s programming language, your ship generator will turn off and on automatically depending on battery charge and regulate how much output is currently necessary.

It’s a simple solution to avoid having to turn the generator on and off manually every time the ship stops moving.

What You Need

  • A ship equipped with a generator and battery.
  • A YOLOL Chip Socket
  • A Basic YOLOL Chip
  • Cable and bolt tools.

You can get these from the auction house or craft them yourself at a crafting bench.

Install the YOLOL Chip

Simply bolt the YOLOL Chip Socket to a beam on your ship using the bolt tool.

Then, put the Basic YOLOL Chip inside the Socket.

Finally, link the Socket to the generator network using the cable tool.

Program the YOLOL Chip

To edit the YOLOL script inside the chip, press the center lock and slide it down.

Put the following line of code inside on the first line.

:FuelChamberUnitRateLimit=100-:StoredBatteryPower/100 goto 1


You can always rename the device fields FuelChamberUnitRateLimit as GeneratorOutput and StoredBatteryPower as BatteryCharge for example if you want to.

In fact, they should have similar names in the YOLOL script and the battery and the generator fuel chamber installed on your ship.

To rename device fields, use the universal tool. Press u pointing at the device, then go to the data tab to edit.

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