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Mech Armada - Save File Location

Written by C001Man   /   Updated: August 12, 2021    

Save file location for Mech Armada.

Guide to Save File Location

Where It Be

  • C:\Users\ -You- \AppData\Local\Mech Armada

File name: game.json

You can open and edit with notepad. It has all 3 of your save files.

  • "credits": is the chips
  • "spawnPoints" is the battery energy things
  • "helixPoints" are meta energy and you need 358 you buy out the store
  • "unlockScore" are keys (warning if you want the stuff they unlock editing this is not enough you want)
  • "unlockedParts": [
  • "Weapon_Sniper",
  • "Weapon_TileDefense",
  • "Weapon_Cannon",
  • "Body_Trooper"

And you will need to edit this to make sure it drops in game.

"rolls": [

I don't know what everything is and that being said it might just be easier to import someone else's save profile if you want all the key unlocks but if you want effectively infinite resources mid run this is you jam.

Written by C001Man.

Game:   Mech Armada