Holdfast: Nations At War – How to Play Flag Bearer

Step 1: Pick Flag Bearer

Flag Bearer lore: The flag bearers carry the standard of their faction into battle, motivating the Rank & File to pour shots into the enemy at an ever increasing pace. Their flags provide an AoE bonus that extends to approximately compass range. Armed with a pistol and sabre, they can defend themselves if need be, or humiliate their enemies by slicing them up with their flags.

What the flag doing?

Parade your faction’s colours in the field of battle. You improve the rate at which firearms are reloaded for the rank and file by 10% when your flag is equipped.

Does not stack with multiple flag bearers.

Step 2: Find Somewhere to Hide

Idk just find somewhere to hide, try to be as useless as possible and do some occasional killing ONLY to defend yourself of course. Make yourself a small target by using sit or surrender emote.

Try not to be a hero, remember you are an auxiliary so you cannot spawn on officer flags. If you die you have to do a walk of shame back to the frontline.

Always join defenders on siege maps.


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