Tale of Immortal – Secret Mission in The First Area and How to Get Orange Manual Early Game

This guide show you how to get secret quest in the first area and how to get orange manual.

The Quest

Start the game like usual.

Go to cave to get some spirit stones then go to town.

After talking to the tavern guy go to the village and talk to them.

Go to the cave.

Important Dont Kill The Boss! Let the boss defeat you.

Go back to town to rest, go meditate outside to lvl up buy and equip new manuals (recommended).

Go back to the village and talk to them.

Go back to town to get the quest from tavern.

Go outside and fight the bandit, save first if u not confident enough.

Choose negotiate.

Slaughter optimus fort.

Defeat the boss.

Then choose tell him to continue.

Bury them.

Go to the village and give her 800 spirit stones.

Go back to town and give her everything (top left option).

You must wait 1 month to receive the reward.

And get the juices.

Sometimes you get 2 manuals but 1 orange manual is guaranteed.

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