Legendary Tales – Starter Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Tips that can save your time in building 18 LCK character and dealing no damage to enemies.

Character Creation

Luck is the early game difficulty slider. It is a common trap for new players, considering first floor is designed for non 1-stat builds. It works great if you are ready to spend your time and know for sure which stats should be leveled.

There is 3 types of way to deal damage: STR weapons, DEX weapons and INT magic. This is your main stat to focus on dealing damage. Do not mix them.

VIT is important stat as it gives you both HP and Armor Class, which decreases damage taken. Low VIT means you will die in few hits, which is not a problem for 1 v 1 or 1 v 2, but will be a problem in 1 v 5 scenario

WIS is support stat that is really strong. It gives crit chance and mana pool, which is always helpful, but will not bring you regular damage early so should not be main stat.

Magic builds are harder to build right than weapon based ones, as you can get 1-2 weapon stat bonuses that will help greatly. I advice to avoid magic builds until rework.

Conclusion: on character creation, focus your points on STR+VIT+a bit of WIS or DEX+VIT+a bit of WIS. Luck is greed option and better to avoid on first playthrough.

About Floor 1

So, you are done with tutorial and ready to start your adventure? Welcome to Dark Souls! You may find yourself very weak at first, so here is tips to get stronger:

1) Destroy all jars you can see, it can contain both gold and items(that will likely be too high for lvl1 characters, but it is not a problem). Try to gather your first 250 gold(including 33% of price from items you can sell, you will them later anyway), if you do, congratulations, you can buy lvl1 helm/gloves from blacksmith. It gives a lot of Armor Class, that reduce damage for you, so you will not die fast now. It is very overlooked for reasons that starter items are lame and leveling is expected to be fast, but if you need advantage, take it.

2) Sometimes bad seed can softlock you(spawning you near pack with a Champion, for example), do not hesitate to restart the run by going into main menu and continue on your journey. It will brinng you into new seed, so you can even hop between seeds like that for early gold(luck 18 runs are luck 18 runs after all).

3) Portal spell costs 0, it is literally important to not forget about recasting it and basically intended by dev mechanic to punish greedy playthrough. It is faster to hop into portal after death rather than going all this way from dungeon starting point.

4) Sometimes, if you feel confident, it is okay to speedrun to the end of Floor. If you die it will be hard to keep running even if you recast portal every 30 seconds(there will be a lot of angry skeletons that will not agree with such strategy), but it is a still a way to finish the Floor. It can help if you find some unlucky generation mid-playthrough and are confident that end is not far ahead based on blue spirit.

5) If you died to pack of enemies and portal is nearby, you can summon your grave in town by interacting with item stash. It is good way to not corpse run and risk yourself if you low on gold. If you not, then.

6) Best way to store your gold is investing into random items in black market. Bonuses like “+x% of better chance of getting magic items from crystals” increase item price drastically, so you can just store them in inventory or stash until you will need that gold on further floors or when you will feel weak again because of current items being obsolete on later floors.

Final Words

I hope it is enough for first dive, and i’m not Captain Obvious. I also hope you will enjoy Legendary Tales, and if you have any other good advices, feel free to post them. Also don’t forget to use weapon abilities as they increase your combat power dramatically, especailly in burst situations.

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