Tales of Arise – Rinwell Combos Guide

Guide to Rinwell Combos


To do a combo you need to press and hold the button of the Art and then when fully charged press R1 to store the spell (this is from a PS4 controller perspective). Once a spell is stored it will be unleased either with the combo or you can store the combo and use a differend spell to unleash with it. For Example: You Store an Air Thrust and you store an other one on top of the 1st Air thrust. Now you have Cross blade stored with that you can use a Arrow Squall to unleash it with Cross blade.

When the 2 spells do not become a combo it will overwrite whats stored. So for example: Storing a Air Thrust and then you wanna store a Spread it will overwrite the Air Thrust. Also when you use her special ability to stop casts from happening on the enemies you will also lose your stored spell.

List of Combo Spells


Cross Blade

  • Air Thrust x2


  • Air Thrust x3
  • Air thrust + Gusty Nail
  • Gusty Nail x2


Tidal Wave

  • Spread x3
  • Spread + Arrow Squall
  • Arrow Squall x2

Freeze Lancer

  • Spread 2x


  • Air thrust 2x
  • Spread 1x


Holy Lance

  • Thunder Blade 2x

Divine Saber

  • Thunder Blade 3x

Shooting Star

  • Freeze Lancer 1x
  • Holy Lance 1x


Meteor Storm

  • Burn Strike 1x
  • Divine Saber 1x


Sharpness all

  • Sharpness 2x

Consentrate all

  • Consentrate 2x
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