Ninja Gaiden Σ2 – How to Unlock All Ryu Costumes (Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection)

How to unlock All Ryu Costumes in NGS2 MC Edition.

Guide to Unlock All Ryu Costumes


Joe Hayabusa Prologue Costume

  • Unlocked by Default.

Demon Ryu

  • Clear the game once.

Doppelganger Ryu

  • Complete 5 chapter challenges with a Master Ninja Vote (Any Difficulty).

Legendary Ninja Ryu

  • Complete 5 Chapter Challenges on Master Ninja Difficulty.

Dynasty Warrior Ryu

  • Complete the first 3 Ninja Races with Ryu.

Dead or Alive Ryu

  • Complete only the Ultimate Ninja 5 Tag Mission (Tested and unlocked without all tag missions completed).

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