The Long Dark – Top 5 Places for Survival

There are a lot of possible places for the base in the game, but I decided to select the 5 best and talk about their advantages and problems.

Best Survival Places


I will evaluate the databases according to several parameters, such as:

  • Security.
  • The amount of loot, both in the building and nearby.
  • Crafting workbench.
  • Ability to cook food and get water inside the shelter.
  • Availability of a place for Fishing.
  • Possibility of hunting.
  • The presence of nearby Claustrophobic Caves.

5. Hunting Lodge

Location: Broken Railroad


  • A lot of useful loot.
  • There is a workbench (craft table).
  • 6 burners stove and fireplace.
  • There is a cave nearby.
  • You can meet all kinds of animals, but you have to run in search of them.


  • There are wolves walking nearby
  • There are no fishing spots nearby
  • Awful location, almost on the edge of the map.

4. Farm House

Location: Pleasant Valley


  • Wolves and bears in the vicinity do not come close to the house.
  • Lots of useful loot.
  • 6-burner stove.
  • Warm basement with a workbench.
  • There is a veranda where you can dry skins and store food, read books or mend clothes at night without using other light sources.
  • There is a cave relatively close.


  • There are few rabbits and deer nearby.
  • The house is in the field, so you will have to run into the forest to get firewood.
  • There are no fishing spots nearby.

3. House in Milton (Gray Mother)

Location: Milton


  • The house has a large stove and fireplace.
  • Lots of loot in the house and huge amount of loot in neighboring houses.
  • Behind the house there is a small pond where timothy grass grows and hares run around. Next to it there is a warm cave where claustrophobia can be cured.
  • There is a farm, a gas station and a church nearby, which also have a lot of useful things and food.


  • Wolves walk all over the city and they come very close to home.
  • The workbench, although there is, is quite far away and on the street.
  • There are no fishing spots nearby.

2. Trapper’s House

Location: Mysterious lake


  • Although the house is small, it has everything for survival: a bed, a workbench and a stove.
  • The place is safe and near the domo you can meet deer and hares, and sometimes elk.
  • Timothy and rose hips grow nearby.
  • The location is located next to the milton, so there will be no problems with food.


  • There is no cave nearby to treat claustrophobia.
  • You can not fish anywhere in the vicinity.

1. Administration of the Camp Site

Location: Mysterious lake


  • Pretty safe area nearby.
  • Located in the center of the game map and location.
  • There is a lake nearby where timothy grass grows and you can fish.
  • There is a cave near the house.
  • There are many hares and deer nearby.
  • The building itself has a workbench and a stove, a stove and two beds, as well as a lot of useful loot.


  • No one.

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