Eastward – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips for Players

Collect pokebols

  • First of all you gotta collect some pokeballs (I think 15 is enough).
  • This will take almost no time if you’ve already played the game for, like, 3 hours.

Your team

  • Then you will need to play the game a few times to collect all the characters.
  • In my opinion, hunter is a bit useless, so I recommend leaving him alone in his hut (he lives at the top left corner of the map).

Accessories and leveling up

There are several useful items in the shop:

  • Spike shield (deals damage to enemeis when they attack you).
  • Regen items (all regen items are good).
  • Dodge boots (they increase your chance of dodging attacks).
  • Wolf claw (grants you a chance of hitting an enemy twice in one move).

If you see any of the above in the shop – buy it immediately.

Other items could come in handy too, but I honestly don’t remember anything apart from stuff that actually helped me.

As for leveling up – you just have to run around fighting monsters before day 7 hits. Level 4 characters were enough for me to win the game.

Hey boss

  • As you’ve entered the final battle, your main task is to keep everyone alive and use items to boost stats, heal or revive.
  • As for moves – going with what you feel is good – is good enough of a strategy.
  • You might have to take a couple of tries… But that’s ok! No one’s safe from bad luck!
Written by kweekoo

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