Encased – All Collection List

Here is a simple list of what maps to find the dog tags and armor paint schemes on in Encased.

List of All Collections

Dog Tags

  • Anomalous Grotto: Daniel Gerick
  • Crossroads: Georgy Semenenko
  • Maelstrom Observation Camp: Joshua Stone
  • C12-Nashville Facility – Parking Lot (after Maelstrom): Newman Waffle
  • Deserted Road: Marco Ruiz
  • Radioactive Graveyard: Roman Vasiliev
  • Abandoned Film Set: Mike Frady Verhulst II
  • Kaleidoscope Project: Winston Seth
  • New Committee Outpost: Victor Bowman
  • Settler’s Campside: Alex Stepever
  • Secret Test Site: Tyrone Greddy
  • Desert Lake Bank: Dmitry Lezhinsky
  • Destination: Cohh Carnage
  • Maze of Death – Entrance: Andre Sens
  • Ash Forest: Derek Raven
  • Fops Camp Arena: Juris Storm
  • First Settlers Camp: Piotr Kochubinsky
  • Phalanx Base: Raiden Palmer

Painted Servoshells

  • Ash Forest: Motherland Color Scheme (Russia)
  • Settler’s Campside: Way of the Dragon (PRC)
  • The Barrens: Uncle Sam (USA)
  • Secret Test Site: Rising Sun (Japan)
  • Abandoned Research Station: D’Artangnan (France)
  • Phalanx Base: Reinheitsgebot (Germany)
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