Scrapnaut – General Tips and Tricks

This guide will show you some things that you might not know about the game.

Tips and Trick for Starters

The Start

I really recommend following the tutorial as it will guide you through all important things. Take your time to read the info the game is providing you. You will get an oxygen tank at the beginning, use it if you need it, you will get way more of them than you need later in the game. The tutorial will lead you to a place where you can build your first base.

Now your most important task is to establish yourself a food source. You need to place a few farm fields with a well next to them. To make this you need a crafting table. Mine some stone for stone bricks and coal for a cooking pot next to your soon-to-be base. Now you can plant your seeds and water them with a bucket. Make sure to always have at least one of each vegetable left so you never run out of seeds. If you have only one left use the seed maker to create 3 seeds out of one vegetable. This is necessary as harvesting vegetables will not always drop seeds.

To get the most out of your vegetables you need to cook or can them. Build a cooking pot or a canning machine and put three of any vegetable into it. This will give you a lot more health and hunger points back. If you want to maximize your loot I recommend killing a few robots near your base (the camp in the east is a really good location for that) if you have full health before eating so you dont “waste'” health points. If you are low on health and its night/evening I recommend sleeping because this will also regenerate health.

Preparing Your Base for Raids

After spending some time building your base you will probably get a notification that your base will be attacked soon. At this time you will probably have some windmills and batteries in your base. If you press “H” you will see how electricity and a few other things work.

Now you need to build some turrets. For the beginning the plasma turrets are the best option, I would spend my metal gained from ores first to craft new weapons, tools and armor. Build as many as you can into West, North and East direction. I never had robots attacking me from the side where there are only mountains (South). With building mode on you will see the range of the turrets, but the problem is that the turrets turn very slow so I recommend building them overlapping. I feel like stronger turrets arent really worth their price in the beginning. Later on you will get masses of ores, then you can spend all of your metal on better turrets, but I would first use it for weapons, tools and armor.

In the raids I personally fight against the robots as long as I am not low on health. This prevents robots from being able to destroy your base, as turrets might get destroyed in the fight.

I really recommend building strong walls around your base (keep the defense of your base in mind, dont spread too much on your building field or you will have a hard time defending it), the turrets in front and the batteries and windmills behind the walls. One battery can power multiple turrets, i usually power 3-4 turrets with one battery and windmill. If a battery turns its color from green to orange/red it means that it needs more power input. In this case either reduce the number of devices connected to it or build more windmills to fill the batteries faster.

Small tips that will improve your life in Scrapnaut

  • Use the item radar that you get at the beginning. To use it hold it in your hand and click your right mouse button. Then you will see all collectable items in your area. Especially in buildings where you easily miss items this is really helpful.
  • Use the teleports to get back to your base faster. The first teleport is in northwestern direction of your base and there is a red crystal to activate it right next to it. Then you can teleport there by clicking on it on your map. Later you can also build a base teleporter to make travelling even faster.
  • Use tree pots to grow trees because with this method you dont need tools to harvest them and you dont need to destroy the beautiful nature around your base. You can also get wood from digging out trunks or harvesting shrubs.
  • Some more advanced tools are better weapons than your current weapon. In this case you can save inventory space by using for example your pickaxe also as a weapon.
  • Make sure to collect lots of blue books (but also the other ones which help you crafting advanced things) as these give you more inventory space. I currently can stack up to 53 items which is really helpful. You can see how many of each book you have collected in your inventory.
  • You can destroy pots (located at buildings) with your weapon in fighting mode or dig out treasures marked with a red cross to get random items.
  • You can avoid most enemies by simply running by them, which is very cool if you dont want to fight them. A defense potion will help with that at bigger bases. It is possible to loot entire camps without fighting. In the buildings you have time to regenerate.
  • Better tools are not faster, they just deal more damage to enemies and their durability decreases slower. Therefore I would use ingots of rare materials first for armor or devices at your base, then for weapons, tools and then for building your base. You will also get lots of tools and weapons when exploring buildings, this will supply you for a very long time.

The Drill: A Very Useful Device

The drill is definitely worth to build. It is only buildable in camps in the desert. After connecting it to a battery you can click on it. A progress bar will appear and the drill will go down. After a few seconds it will come out again and some stone/ores will drop there. This is a great way to get resources really fast and its completely renewable.

Here is an example of what you can expect as mining loot:

Special building places

The two building camps on the screenshots are completely safe to build on. There is no need for turrets which makes it a great place to start a huge cool-looking building project.

The camp you visit after defeating the boss:

The island you can visit after repairing the portal:

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