Button City – Society of the Hidden Puzzle Solution (Find All Hidden Kids)

Where to find each of the hidden kids for the Society of the Hidden quest.

How to Solve Society of the Hidden Puzzle

Hidden Kid Locations

  • I bring up what is below and pile it for all to see – the shovel by Fennel’s house.
  • I am comfort and I seek to consume change – the sofa in Fennel’s house.
  • I am where two lips meet – the flowerpot by the Mart Mart (tulips).
  • I sit bitterly by myself – the empty chair with coffee at the Cafe.
  • I see the sign and I’m filled with a can-do attitude – the recycle bin by Button City.
  • I sit atop, looking down from my highest tower – the flowerpot at the top of the Apartment walkway.
  • I sit, watching the watch man – the bench in the Park in view of the police officer.
  • I’m having a barrel of fun – the barrel of lemons by the fruit stand Downtown.
  • I read between the lines – the rack of books in front of the book shop Downtown.
  • I’m the last one standing down a long road – the statue in the fountain Downtown.
  • I’ve fallen and I lost my control – the TV behind the Upcycle Center.
  • I’m refreshing on a hot day – the kiddie pool by Sorrel’s house.

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