Conan Exiles – Basic Setup Fixes

A quick runthrough of some fixes to better be able to play Conan.

Fixes to Setup

How to Stop the Cinematic from Running Every Dang Time

  • Locate your DefaultGame.ini file:
    Steam > right click game title > Properties > Local files tab > Browse Local files
  • In window that opens go to:
    Conan Exilespropertieslocal filesbrowse local filesConanSandboxConfig
  • Open the file “DefaultGame.ini” and edit the following lines in notepad:

[/script/movieplayer.movieplayersettings] (change + to – in front of each)

Stop Running a Launcher to Open a Launcher – or, How to Bypass Funcom Launcher

  1. Open Properties of the game, go to Local Files, and click Browse
  2. Click on the directory header to highlight the raw directory and copy
  3. Reopen the Properties window in Steam; then, in “Launch Options” section, type ” then paste the file location you copied
  4. Copy the content below (no space between) and paste after previous file location:
    ConanSandboxBinariesWin64ConanSandbox_BE.exe” -BattlEye %command%


  • -BattlEye = BattlEye runtime command.
  • %command% = needed or Steam will not see quoted line as a redirect.


“D:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonConan ExilesConanSandboxBinariesWin64ConanSandbox_BE.exe” -BattlEye %command%


  • Mods will be unaffected, and the main menu’s mod organizer will work as it always has before the launcher.
  • As an alternative you could create a dedicated desktop shortcut to the .exe on your desktop or pin it to your start menu.
  • If using AoC that launcher will still load…

How to Stop Alt+Tab Freezes

  1. Locate your Engine.ini file:
    Steam > right click game title > Properties > Local files tab > Browse Local files
  2. In window that opens go to:
  3. Open “Engine.ini”; edit it in notepad/notepad++ and add the following to the end of the file:

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