Syndicate (2012) – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Syndicate (2012) game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The Kusanagi ACR-10 assault rifle is all you’ll need for the most part. It’s definitely worth checking out other weapons, but the ACR-10 is a solid choice.
  • For both single and multi, anything that upgrades your dart overlay is a good thing.
  • The upgrade system in single player lets you unlock chips anywhere on the board. The more chips you have connected side by side, the bigger the bonuses.
  • The upgrade system in multiplayer is somewhat the opposite. You start at the top and must branch downwards 1 chip at a time.
  • Breaching (hacking) will be used on almost everything. Need to open that door? Breach it. Need to heal a teammate? Breach them. Need to shutdown enemy armor to chip away at their health bar? Breach him.
  • You need line of sight to start to breach, but you can Backup behind cover while holding the button while it completes. Very handy for healing teammates while not leaving your neck on the line.
  • If you or someone else gets knocked down, you’ll need a reboot (revive mechanic). The person who’s down can still shuffle around and should find partial cover so others can run over to reboot.
  • You’ll also earn research points from online matches, which you should spend at every opportunity. Weapons are fully upgraded in single player, so it’s important to keep your online research going. You may as well deck out the ACR-10 first, then move on to other weapons once you’ve seen what the levels have to offer. Shotguns are also decent, while special weapons are limited since they must be found in game.
  • Those research points can also be spent on the applications (buffs) you choose in your loadout. The basic three you start with (FeedBack, Shielding, Damage link) are fine for the most part, but don’t forget to buy others.
  • Also, learn to recognize when apps are used in co-op so you don’t waste the same team buff app your teammate used 3 seconds ago (This goes mainly for defense like Shielding, since I’m not sure if Damage Link stacks or not).

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