Welcome to Free Will – Complete Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Please note: All credit goes to YouGotHitByGunner!

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.

100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Episode 1

  • Me too.
  • Take off her shirt
  • Take off her shorts
  • Stay with Kate
  • Go right and talk to Kate.
  • Go back to the bed and interact with the magazine sitting on the right drawer.
  • Answer: Mason
  • Pick up the money.
  • Go left two times and pick up your phone.
  • Pick up Kate’s notebook hiding inside the half-opened drawer.
  • Check messages and text Timo: I’m on my way.
  • Interact with Kate.
  • Go left two times and interact with the right-side door.
  • Get dressed.
  • Promise


  • This achievement has no description.
  • Make fun of it.
  • Do you have any plan?
  • Why did you cut off contact with me?
  • What have you been doing?
  • I think I’ve heard enough.

Tell me everything!

  • Ask Timo about everything

Broken Heart

  • This achievement has no description.
  • Do the talking
  • Look at her legs
  • Open your messages and text Timo: Yeah? Like what? – Are you kidding?
  • Text Kate: Yup, just arrived. – I miss you too.
  • Interact with Rosaline.
  • You should try video games.


  • Tell Rosa about video games
  • Interact with the magazine sitting on the table.
  • Password: 69position
  • Go to the Hallway and interact with Rosa’s room. (1/3)
  • Go inside Moone’s room.
  • Join in.
  • Interact with Timo.
  • What do you think about Rosaline?
  • Help him.
  • Go left and interact with Moone.
  • You really think that?
  • Call Kate.

Best non-boyfriend

  • Call Kate


  • Help Timo
  • Go outside to the hallway, and interact with the bathroom door.
  • Take a shower.
  • I’m not Moone
  • Touch her arm.
  • Look at her legs.
  • Look
  • Let me help you.
  • Go inside the bathroom.
  • Interact with the magazine.
  • Answer: Falling off the skateboard
  • Interact with the middle drawer and both top right drawers.
  • Return to Niki’s room.


  • Help Niki
  • Go to the left and interact with the bag.
  • Go to the hallway, and interact with Rosa’s Room. (2/3)
  • Go inside the bathroom. Moone will ask you to look for her headphones.
  • Go in Moone’s room. Interact with the magazine.
  • Answer: Carl Robinson
  • Go left two times, headphones are on the floor below the second cupboard.
  • Return to the bathroom and interact with Moone.
  • Go to the dining room.
  • Go eat breakfast.
  • Not again man…
  • Look closer

I’m just here to watch

  • Peek at Elyce
  • We are looking for the Robinson family
  • He’s our uncle.

The Uncle Method

  • Tell Deputy about Uncle
  • Calm down Timo
  • Wink at her
  • Select all four exercises and finish each with rep 10.
  • During Chest exercise: They’re perfect

I’m just here to impress

  • Complete 2 exercises

Gym Freak

  • Complete 4 exercises
  • We can call it a date

Welcome to White Diamond

  • This achievement has no description.
  • Answer Niki.
  • You deserve it
  • Touch her hand
  • To this pizza.

Pizza Lover

  • Make a toast to the pizza
  • Kiss her.
  • Check your messages. Respond to Rosaline: Of course Rosaline. – Okay, Rosa 🙂
  • Respond to Kate: Hey :* No luck as for now.
  • I don’t know… We’ll figure something out.
  • I know Katie. I’m coming back soon.
  • Love you too :*
  • Close the phone and read the letter from the table.
  • Go left and interact with the bag.
  • Open your phone and call Lily.
  • I like you.
  • Go outside and interact with Rosa’s room. (3/3)

Let me in!

  • Check Rosa door 3 times
  • Go into Moone’s room, and left twice.
  • Interact with the magazine.
  • Password: RosaRightBoob
  • Interact with Timo.
  • Go in the kitchen and interact with the plate from the left side.

Better than nothing

  • Eat the leftovers
  • Go to Dining Room and then to Living Room.
  • Talk to Rosa.
  • Interact with the spark plugs in the right top corner.
  • Interact with the paper located on the car.
  • Press Engine, spark plugs, Start repair, End tutorial, EXIT.
  • Interact with the door.

Little Mechanic

  • This achievement has no description.
  • Peek
  • Look at her ass
  • You’re a wonderful woman.
  • Kiss her feet
  • Kiss her ass.
  • Interact with the magazine from the floor (right side).
  • Password: mrlongdick
  • Interact with Rocky (the boy to the right).
  • You should throw them out
  • Interact with Elyce (the girl next to the door).
  • Go left and pick up the money from the grass.
  • Interact with Niki and Brian.
  • Do I know you well Niki?
  • Go inside the house and talk to Callum.
  • Go to the kitchen, pick up the money from the table.
  • Interact with the fridge.
  • Go back outside and interact with Rocky.

Unlocker 1

  • Unlock all renders in Episode 1
  • Return inside the kitchen, hallway and interact with the door to the left.
  • Go to the room.
  • Tell them.

Save 1

  • Keeping my mouth shut is not cheap.
  • Cash. (+30$)

Gold Digger

  • Take the money from Flavia

Load Save 1

  • I’ll keep the secret.

Good Boy

  • Tell Flavia you’ll keep the secret

Load Save 1

  • Keeping my mouth shut is not cheap.
  • Else.
  • C*m on her breast

Conqueror 1

  • Unlock all scenes in Episode 1

Small World

  • Complete Episode 1

Errand Boy 1

  • Complete all side quests in Episode 1

Nomophobia 1

  • Answer all messages in Episode 1

Congratulations on your completion!

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