Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – How To Obtain The Seaglass Unique Staff (Without Killing Angharad Glyndowr)

Guide to Get The Seaglass Staff


In order to obtain this staff without killing Angharad Glyndowr theres 2 methods. First before attempting one of the methods “Save Game” just before speaking to her if ever you screw up or the attempt didnt work first couple times. She is part of the quest Called Ties That Bind. The quest giver is called Conrad Cronberg. He his located up front of Mudhold Fasting entrance. You need to go to the Gallows End region to find the location.

Method #1

You need 10 Persuasion skills and 1 Master Phasewalk potion. When you arrive at her location during the quest walk slowly towards her and stop immediately when she starts running towards you. Drink the potion slightly just before the conversation starts. If the persuasion worked get ready before close the conversation Goodbye part. This part is a bit tricky since you need to crouch and pickpocket at the same time fast. If you managed to reach her inventory that means so far so good. Now it will say 5% chance for you to steal without detection. So it may happen first second attempt you may get detected but either way you will ended up succeeding this part. So the moment you take the staff and exit her inventory stay in crouch mode while moving away from her until stops searching her inventory and runs away towards the quests objective. If you made it after that part that means you have succeed obtaining the Seaglass staff without killing her.

Mehtod #2

Same procedure except this time you need only 7 Persuasion skills and 1 extra potion to drink called Master Social Grace. You drink the extra potion while drinking the Master Phasewalk part of the procedure.

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