Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Black Hole Achievement Guide (Fatesworn DLC)

This guide will help you get the Black Hole hidden achievement and the Abyss set introduced in the Fatesworn DLC.

How to Obtain Hidden Achievement


Black Hole

  • (Fatesworn) Stacked at least 100 Unholy Void effects with the Abyss armor set before defeating an enemy with magic.

The Abyss Set

In order to get the Black hole achievement, you first need to find the Abyss set, you can only acquire this armour during the night.

If you explore every area thoroughly, you will have collected all four pieces by the time you reach Crownhold. With that said i have attached the local map locations.

The first piece can be found in the southern part of Revival.

The second piece can be found in the south of the open area in Three Winds Crutch.

The third part can be found in the very south of Madding Wind.

The fourth and final piece is in the Crownhold cemetery, inside the tree hollow.

The Black Hole

The achievement requires you to stack 100 Unholy Void effects and then kill an enemy with magic.

So, after making sure you meet the requirements for using the set, you should find a group of enemies and start to cast magic. Remember to heal as you will take damage while the effect is active.

I found that even blinks stack the effect but it’s probably easiest to use Mark of Flame so that you can hit multiple enemies at the same time. It shouln’t take too long for you to stack up to 100.

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  1. i’ve checked my “completed” quest list ingame twice and all are there, hearts of chaos too (got the achievement for all portals)

    i don’t remember the “completed” missing on the left but also didnt really keep track of it bc well it’s not really necessary (i don’t really care about achievements but wanted to get a possible bug known here as i found out by chance)

    only repeatable task i’ve not done yet is antelope race bc its just a task

  2. crownhold grave is in the city on the right side, you need to go all the way in and then turn right and follow a path to a slightly separated island with other tombstones

  3. Black Hole achievement is really easy to do at Crownhold. You can turn off no hit mode and spam Mark of Flame on guards, they don’t turn hostile until you actually kill one. It takes around 75 MoF hits to kill a guard, and there’s plenty of them around.

  4. Pro tip: don’t sell the damned quest armour by accident and then lose it in the 50-item limit at the vendor.

    I have no reason whatsoever for mentioning this

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