Sable – An Ancient Race: Shrine Map Positions

A guide for the position of all shrines from which you collect the artifacts for the Ancient Race mission (mission spoilers; minor map spoilers).

Starting The Mission

You start the mission by first visiting the Mysterious Shrine in the Badlands region:

Talk to the Machinist (She will be roaming the inside of the shrine when you first visit):

Shrine Positions

Open the shrines by driving through the blue rings and collect the artifact inside:

There are 6 shrines, 1 in each region (except the starting region). The shrines are marked by the blue way-points:

Finishing The Mission

Once you collect all the artifacts place them on the round pedestals inside the Mysterious Shrine:

Talk to the Machinist again. She’ll ask you to wait a few days (Please help confirm how many), then speak to her again (she’ll be at her ship this time) to finish the mission.

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  1. Yeah, thanks for your guide!
    Just another note, the quest can also be started by just simply racing through a set of 4 archs 😉

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