RUINER – 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

You want all Achievements? Yeah?

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Story Achievements

Seriously! You only need to actually play the game to get these. Easy, huh?

Don’t even get me started
Finish Prologue

I’m in charge now
Defeat Nerve

Who’s the King?
Defeat TrafficKing

Siblings from hell

Defeat Sisters

Good dog
Finish Epilogue

Wanted dead or alive
Collect all bounties (You know – kill all minibosses – hard to avoid!)

Now you can choose how painful your playtrough should be:

Take It Easy – RUINER – Hacker
Easy Difficulty
Beat the game on Normal Difficulty
Hard Difficulty

If you manage to beat the game on hard (I recommend that difficulty by the way!), you also unlock Easy and Normal!

Beat the game without dying

Yeah! This sounds hard, if you remind yourself how many times you died. In the end it actually only sounds hard. After you beat the game you have the option to replay each stage! Do it! You die counter (the times you died before on that stage) will be set to “0”! So – replay it – don´t die and you can move on to the next level. If you die in the next level it won´t effect the previous one! Also to make it easier, play on easy! Or do it like a real samurai and play it on hard!

Achieve 15 kills combo

In the prolouge, you will have several chances to beat foes and get your “kill 15 guys” combo. Take your time, but don´t let the counter disappear! Use your pipe only, because it is so much easier to go melee in the first level. Also you can switch to easy!

Ashes to ashes
Destroy all dead Hosts’ piles

Pretty selfexplaining! Starting the level “Walkways of Terror” of the last chapter -They keep spawning those weird sexy HOSTS. Burn them all. Also look out! They are also in the secret areas of the map!

Rest in pieces
Kill 3 enemies with a one explosion

This is also one of those “sounds like lucky situations .. maybe if I…” NO! You could use barrels to do it and it is possible, but just wait until you are surrounded by melee foes! Activate your skill “Frag Thrower” and blow them to shreds!

Kill’em ALL
Kill all Angels

I made maps for this game and marked most of the Angels!

Perfect timing
Destroy 3 Angel cores in one go

That moment where an Angel is going to puke the cores out, watch where they are flying to (direction). Use your Dash or Overload ability (fast way to get to them) and your Melee weapon to smash them to pieces!

Die hard
Die 666 times

It only sounds grindy (and maybe it is just a tiny bit of grindy)! Play this game on hard to reach a good amount of “You Died” situations!

Renessance Man
Acquire all basic abilities

Yeah … Acquire all basic abilities

Now lets take a look on those achievements which are based on totally optional sidequests!

CATS person
Complete CATS quest

RUINER - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)
RUINER - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

Find and hack all CATS which are located in the city! Some people complain that it is hard sometimes to find the last one, but you have to carefully look everywhere (even on the roofs!) – The rewards are special weapon lockers in the following levels, which contains pure firepower!

Fortune seeker
Unlock all iChing fortunes

After every mission (and ofc in the beginning) ask this old woman about your future!

RUINER - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

She is located here (same street as the bikeshop!):

RUINER - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

The Orcale will give you the task to find three COINS in each level! Where you can find them?

Welp … you can take a look here.

Grind Achievements

Remember the time you had fun playing this awesome game? Yeah? Well … lets start grinding!

It’s Over 9000!
Use dash 9001 times

You have to dash … No, seriously! Wait you don´t know what dashing is? Do you even lift?

Mickey Mantle
Hit 50 mines with your melee weapon

Easy to do in the level “Mother’s Womb”. There is a part where you have to fight a lot of them! Just redo that level over and over! Oh and if you hit a mine with your sword it also wont hurt you. You just need the right timing!

Gotta get pumped!
Do 1003 pushups

Press and hold the “X” key. You can also use a stone to bring weight on the key and you also don´t need to press it the whole time. It will take around 14 minutes.
You earn that achievement for doing 1003 pushups. Not 1000, not 1001, and not 1002. AT LEAST 1003!

Blaze it
Burn 420 enemies with flamethrower

Your best bet to get his achievement is during the HELL level after the soulless HOSTS appear. There are enough flamethrowers around (or use your weapon delivery skill) and burn down the unlimited amount of foes coming out of those mass orgy piles. Don´t actually burn the dead Hosts’ piles (only for the Ashes to ashes achievment)!

Shield wall
Kill 75 enemies with a shield ram

To unlock this achievement you must have unlocked the initial “Energy Shield” and the initial “Dash” skill unlocked. You can do this on early stages (with weak enemies), but you can also do this in the hell stages against the HOSTS (They will be instantly dead!) Just face them with your activated shield and dash into them. Done!

Magic mirror
Reflect 100 bullets with your shield

I would recommend doing this with the Energy Shield ability named “Deflective Shield”, but the Kinetic Barrier with the ability “Reactive Barrier” will do the same! Both of these skills are unlocked early!

Mind control master
Hack 50 enemies

Unlock the “Ghost Break” skill so you can start hacking enemies! I would also suggest to get to the last ability “Lich King”! You will have an easier time getting this while hacking three guys the same time (2 + 2 is 4 – 1 is 3 quick maths)!

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