Assassin’s Creed Origins – Skill Tree: Quick Guide on What to Get

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on which skills you should aim to obtain. This guide doesn’t focus on any kind of certain gameplay, but just general useful skills for combat/stealthing.

In the end, there is a small list of skills that help to achieve certain achievements (or that are necessary to get them).

Must Have Skills


  • Bow Bearer – having a Hunter and a Light bow is very necessary for switching between long and close range combat.
  • Chain Assassination – enables you to double assassinate two enemies that are close to each other.
  • Enhanced light bow – becomes very useful for certain bosses, animals and especially when shooting at someone on a horse.
  • Hail of arrows – even further improves the light bow.


  • Parry – self explanatory enough, you can parry almost any attack from any enemy. Some bosses seem to be an exception, but that might just be me failing to parry them.
  • Regeneration – you get it anyways since its the first one in order.
  • Weapon bearer – very useful to switch between for ex. a health on kill weapon and a poisonous/fire weapon. Also good for switching between different overpower attack types.
  • Adrenaline 2 – great skill, makes it easier to instantly finish 1v1 fights that you run into by accident, or with khopesh swords you can deal a lot of damage to many enemies at the start of battle instantly.
  • Overpower fury – absolutely necessary for bosses, gives you easy HP regen when youre about to die, saved me numerous times.
  • Shield charge – even though it consumes a bit of adrenaline, it is a great skill that allows you to break heavy shield defenses without Charge heavy attack skill – you just get some distance, target an enemy and run into them to break the defense or drop them to the ground.


  • Dawn & dusk -> first skill but very useful.
  • Sleep darts -> an absolute MUST HAVE – it makes sure stealth situations remain stealth. Even though Chain assassination exists, sometimes the 2 enemies can be too close, which means assassinating one will alert other and open a possibility to break stealth. It also allows you to approach enemies from their front, which happens rather often.

Useful Skills


  • Assassination loot -> quite useful, but can be skipped if you are looking to direct your points elsewhere – though it leads to Chain assassination which is important.
  • Enhanced hunter bow -> cool skill but you can get interrupted by other enemies before you get the chance to hit the enemy whose defense you’ve broken.
  • Piercing arrows -> this arent as important as the light bow skills, since you are rarely going to use hunter bow in close range combat.


  • Kill loot -> same as Assassin loot, but a bit more useful since you mostly dont have time for picking up items during combat.
  • Overpower combo -> this could count as a must have skill, but I rarely experienced this skill dealing a lot of damage. You either 1 hit kill an enemy with overpower attack, or this skill helps you finish them off or at least stagger them. Great for bosses though.
  • Attack & push -> its a cool gimmick combat skill, but you will rarely remember to use it. It just ensures the enemy stays staggered by your attacks for a while longer, opening more chance to finishers.


  • Smoke screen -> an okay skill, I’ve rarely found the use for it, but when I did it did its job very well.

Achievement Related Skills

  • Enhanced predator bow -> The Arrow Whisperer
  • Pyromaniac -> (NOT NECESSARY) Boom!
  • Eagle harass -> Team Play
  • Master Warrior/Hunter/Seer -> I’m Done Learning (just spend 1 point on any of these 3)
  • Animal taming -> Roooaaarrr! / Set-up Date
  • Elite Ranger -> Archer of the Month
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