Hot Wheels Unleashed – Hot Quick Start Guide

How to get off the starting line quickly.

How to Start Fast

How to Do It

Okay its a bit like Mario Kart but not at the same time, the way that the hot start works is like this..

  1. Just before 2 appears on screen, you hold down the accelerator. Your car will start tire spinning on the start line.
  2. Notice at the bottom of the screen you will have 2 full Nitro’s. This does not work like in Mario kart where it gives you the boost automatically.
  3. Press the boost button just before go for maximum effect, or you can save the nitro for after the first corner.

Its a lot easier to do than other arcade racers and with the extra boosts you can get off to a flying start without drifting. Its easier and more tactical at the same time, hope this helps!

Useful Tip

If you do it perfectly it gives you 3 boosts or the majority of your boost bar.

You can tell just how close you were to perfect start by the color of the flames.

  • Purple/Pink means perfect (3 Boosts).
  • Green means close, but not quite perfect (2 Boosts).
  • Red means way off (1 Boost).
  • No color means missed perfect (0 Boosts).
Written by Charls Barkly

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