Hot Wheels Unleashed – All Campaign Secrets Guide (How to Complete)

All 9 Secrets for Hot Wheels Unleashed Campaign.

Guide to Campaign Secrets

All credit goes to Mud!

All Secrets

  1. Unsolved Mystery
  2. Hidden From View
  3. Hidden To Most
  4. Covert
  5. Can You Keep A Secret
  6. Secret Unveiled
  7. Top Secret
  8. Surprise!
  9. Tell No One

1. Unsolved Mystery

  • Clue: Amazing Drivers with a special appearance by Motosaurus.
  • How to Complete: Finish the race titled ‘Amazing Drivers’ with the ‘Motosaurus’ Car – Unlockable on the map.

2. Hidden From View

  • Clue: End the winged monster’s reign of terror.
  • How to Complete: Finish the Jurassic Predator Boss race.

3. Hidden To Most

  • Clue: Defeat the one that reigns the ice.
  • How to Complete: Finish the Snow Pilot Boss Race.

4. Covert

  • Clue: Defeat the four bosses to take on the final challenge.
  • How to Complete: Finish all 4 previous boss races.
  • Hint: Explore the map far enough to uncover all boss races.

5. Can You Keep A Secret?

  • Clue: The legend says that a restless ghost blocks the access to this path.
  • How to Complete: Finish the fifth and final boss race.
  • Hint: Mission is located at top of campaign map.

6. Secret Unveiled

  • Clue: Reckless Driving: with special appearance by Bone Shaker.
  • How to Complete: Finish race ‘Reckless Driving’ using the ‘Bone Shaker’ car.
  • Hint: Bone shaker car is located towards the end of the campaign.

7. Top Secret

  • Clue: The Best: with a special appearance by Buns of Steel.
  • How to complete: Finish the race ‘The Best’ using the ‘Buns of Steel’ car.
  • Hint: The best is located on the left of the map behind the secret 5. ‘Can You Keep A Secret’.

8. Surprise!

  • Clue: Unlocks after completing Top Secret event.
  • How to unlock: Complete the race ‘Top Secret’.
  • Hint: Complete 7. ‘Top Secret’ before attempting this. It is located next to the first boss.

9. Tell No One

  • Clue: Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’ll miss the school bus!
  • How to Complete: Complete the first race with the ‘Hot Wheels High Bus’.
  • Speculation: Apparently you are able to do any race with the ‘Hot Wheels High Bus’ but I have not tested it.


I don’t have the cars I need for a secret.

  • You unlock the cars required by playing through the story. Just play the campaign through and you won’t have to gamble for the specific car.

What is a boss race?

  • A boss race is a normal race with a red logo in the campaign. There are 5 of these to complete throughout the game.
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