Hot Wheels Unleashed – All Campaign Secrets Guide (How to Complete)

All 9 Secrets for Hot Wheels Unleashed Campaign.

Guide to Campaign Secrets

All Secrets

  1. Unsolved Mystery
  2. Hidden From View
  3. Hidden To Most
  4. Covert
  5. Can You Keep A Secret
  6. Secret Unveiled
  7. Top Secret
  8. Surprise!
  9. Tell No One

1. Unsolved Mystery

  • Clue: Amazing Drivers with a special appearance by Motosaurus.
  • How to Complete: Finish the race titled ‘Amazing Drivers’ with the ‘Motosaurus’ Car – Unlockable on the map.

2. Hidden From View

  • Clue: End the winged monster’s reign of terror.
  • How to Complete: Finish the Jurassic Predator Boss race.

3. Hidden To Most

  • Clue: Defeat the one that reigns the ice.
  • How to Complete: Finish the Snow Pilot Boss Race.

4. Covert

  • Clue: Defeat the four bosses to take on the final challenge.
  • How to Complete: Finish all 4 previous boss races.
  • Hint: Explore the map far enough to uncover all boss races.

5. Can You Keep A Secret?

  • Clue: The legend says that a restless ghost blocks the access to this path.
  • How to Complete: Finish the fifth and final boss race.
  • Hint: Mission is located at top of campaign map.

6. Secret Unveiled

  • Clue: Reckless Driving: with special appearance by Bone Shaker.
  • How to Complete: Finish race ‘Reckless Driving’ using the ‘Bone Shaker’ car.
  • Hint: Bone shaker car is located towards the end of the campaign.

7. Top Secret

  • Clue: The Best: with a special appearance by Buns of Steel.
  • How to complete: Finish the race ‘The Best’ using the ‘Buns of Steel’ car.
  • Hint: The best is located on the left of the map behind the secret 5. ‘Can You Keep A Secret’.

8. Surprise!

  • Clue: Unlocks after completing Top Secret event.
  • How to unlock: Complete the race ‘Top Secret’.
  • Hint: Complete 7. ‘Top Secret’ before attempting this. It is located next to the first boss.

9. Tell No One

  • Clue: Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’ll miss the school bus!
  • How to Complete: Complete the first race with the ‘Hot Wheels High Bus’.
  • Speculation: Apparently you are able to do any race with the ‘Hot Wheels High Bus’ but I have not tested it.


I don’t have the cars I need for a secret.

  • You unlock the cars required by playing through the story. Just play the campaign through and you won’t have to gamble for the specific car.

What is a boss race?

  • A boss race is a normal race with a red logo in the campaign. There are 5 of these to complete throughout the game.

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