Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – City Planning Guide

Guide to City Planning

During the course of the Crusade you will attack enemy forts, which are identical to armies except that:

  1. Your adventuring party cannot ignore and travel past them and…
  2. …Will reward you with a city to develop by constructing buildings in. 

The ultimate goal of the Crusade is to reclaim all twenty forts and then close the Worldwound, but some prove to be more important than others during the course of the game and need to be developed as such.

All buildings in the game can be broken down into six categories:

  • Teleportation Circle
  • Citadel
  • Recruitment Buildings
  • Upgrade Buildings
  • Economy Buildings
  • Shelter

Teleportation Circles are what allow your party to instantly teleport from anywhere on the map to a specific city, and require at least one city ugrade (4 squares to 9 squares) to be built. These are your highest priority, since there can only be six at most.

Citadels are unique buildings in that they add time to how long any given city can block an invading army, which will be needed to move an army to counter it ASAP. Key defensive cities require this building and are a close second.

Recruitment Buildings are the buildings that enable the training of non-Mercenary units and subsequently improve the weekly growth rate, so the more the better. After Teleportation Circles and Citadels these are your best buildings, as large armies are the best way to defeat enemy armies.

Upgrade Buildings add specific bonuses to your individual units or to your generals, and some of them require direct adjacency (touching sides, touching corners don’t count) in order to apply. If you choose your units and upgrades carefully they will significantly improve your units, but should only be built once the previous types are built or unless you have specific aims.

Economy Buildings simply increase the amount of Finance Points, Materials Points, and Energy Points gained on a daily basis. Over the course of the game your incomes grow substantially as-is, so building these should be on an as-needed basis.

And finally, Shelters. On paper a Shelter sounds decent: resting on the travel map in a city with a Shelter won’t increase your corruption gain. In practice, this is completely redundant as you can teleport to Drezen to remove all corruption and then go back to wherever you were. You should avoid building these unless you’re in a completely distant location and unwilling to go back to Drezen.

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