Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters – 100% Full Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Guide to Complete Walkthrough & Achievements


  • Start a new game.

God’s Will

  • Hence the story begins.

Play or skip until any of the sex scenes (make sure GT is ON), then click on ᴄᴜᴍ.

Quick Shot

  • Time is money. Gotta do it quickly.

My Precious

  • My precious white liquid was stolen!

Continue until the second sex scene and click on extend this time.


  • I’m not done tasting it yet.

  • Click on ᴄᴜᴍ to exit the loop and GT OFF to disable these choices completely.
  • Note: Don’t worry if you missed the chance to get both these achievements now, there will be plenty more chances during the rest of the game.

Assertive Elf

  • The first experience turned out to be quite rough.


  • Let’s establish a new religion.

Save 1

  • Follow instincts
  • Follow instincts
  • If you say honestly…
  • Behave like a ʙɪᴛᴄʜ…
  • Fine…


  • The cat is out of the bag.

  • Craving to impregnate her…
  • Pound her

Impregnation Machine

  • Paint the walls white with your choices more than 5 times.

  • Deep inside

Save 2

  • Impregnate all of them


  • Letting it out inside is the symbol of love.

Long Live the Dark Elves!

  • Dark elves are superior to other elves.

Load Save 2

  • Make all of them mine
  • Credits can be now skipped with click.


  • Think about all the broken hearts.

Load Save 1

  • Put everything into one’s hips
  • Switch to GT ON and click on ᴄᴜᴍ.
  • Load and pick the choice again. Repeat until unlocking the achievement.

Contraception Machine

  • Spill your seed with your choices more than 5 times.

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