Mirrors Edge: Catalyst – Three Stars in Every Dash (Peak Performer Achievement)

The number of Dashes/Races in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is 22. You’ll be able to unlock the trophy (achievement) “Peak Performer” if you get the 3star rating in each of them.

You have to move very fast and finish every course as quickly as you can for getting the 3star rating. Each of them is timebased. The faster you will move the more stars you are able to get (the 3stars rating is the highest).

Every of the Dashes/Races is freerunning exercise. You have to reach the definite point in it. There are no enemies there. To play through your story you’ll be able to unlock the larger number of the dashes.

Some Advices

  • At first you should beat your story, unlock all of magrope skills and upgrades for movement. 
  • Starting with the shift gives you higher speed. 
  • Use the shortcuts. It’s almost impossible to get 3 stars if you follow the red arrows. Mark the definite target point on the map if you know it and it’ll show the best way to get there. 
  • You’ld use the roll skill only on the bigdrops to save the high speed. For jumping over the little obstacles you can use the coil. It can be used for saving your speed too. 
  • Jumping, Shifting and Running have their own speed. If you want to move faster use running. 
  • After falling off the rooftop you’ll better restart this dash. It makes no sense to continue if you don’t have time.


  • Birdman’s Dash – 0:05
  • High Roller Avenue – 0:55
  • Backstreet Bluff – 1:57
  • Feature Creep – 2:57
  • Concrete Canyon – 3:49
  • A Handy Shortcut – 4:38
  • Nomad’s Run – 5:44
  • Donkey in an Oven – 6:22
  • The Allcom Shuffle – 7:05
  • Take me to the Gridnode – 7:39
  • Consumer Mayhem – 8:23
  • Quite a View – 9:19
  • Heading Home – 10:13
  • Noah’s Run – 12:35
  • Don’t Fall Down – 13:49
  • Too Close to the Sun – 15:03
  • Caleb’s Run – 16:14
  • The Scenic Route – 17:04
  • Rezoning Dash – 18:58
  • Under Construction – 19:40
  • Out in the Open – 20:19
  • Old Tunnels – 21:10
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