Aporia: Beyond The Valley – How to Get the Herbivore Achievement

Herbivore II – V

Consumed all the flowers in chapter II, III, IV, V

  • Where: One achievement in each chapter except chapter 1.
  • What: Interact with all healing flowers that are available in the corresponding chapter.

Here is the amount of flowers you need to consume for each chapter. On that note, the large rectangular flower pots, which contain three flowers, count as three flowers below.

  • Chapter 2: 13
  • Chapter 3: 49
  • Chapter 4: 67
  • Chapter 5: 10

The following map indicates the position of all flowers on the in-game map. Please note that:

  • Large flower pots with three flowers are depicted with a star symbol;
  • The 5 flowers in the crystal mines of chapter 3 are not displayed with respect to their position because the map does not depict the layout of the mines;
  • Positions for chapter 5 may be difficult to read because locations are in different heights;
  • The 3 remaining flowers of chapter 5 are in the area behind the Skull door of the amber bed cathedral: 1 in the entry area, 1 in the ‘labyrinth’, and the remaining 1 is in the laboratory of the Warden of Death.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley - How to Get the Herbivore Achievement

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