Fallout 4 – Faction Hostility

This simple guide will show you how far you can go into quests until factions turn against each other.

The Brotherhood of Steel

  • Spoils of War: boarding the vertibird will make you an enemy of the Institute.
  • Tactical Thinking: talking to Lancer Captain Kells after the quest has been started will make you an enemy of the Railroad.

The Minutemen

  • Banished from the Institute: the very quest revolves around being an enemy of doing actions that will make the Institute dislike you. Completing this quest makes you and enemy of the them. 
  • With Our Powers Combined: you start this quest if you sided with the Minutemen and already is and enemy of the Brotherhood. 
  • If you play nice, the only enemy the Minutemen will have is the Institute. 

The Institute

  • Mass Fusion: using the relay makes you an enemy of the Brotherhood.
  • End of the Line: speaking to Father will make you and enemy of the Railroad.

The Railroad

  • Underground Undercover: having this quest active while completing Powering Up will prompt Z1-14 wanting to talk to you. He will say that the Railroad HQ is under attack and you need to speak to Desdemona, if you return to her the Brotherhood will become your enemy. 
  • The Nuclear Option: after you complete Rockets’ Red Glare, Desdemona will give you this mission and you will become an enemy of the Institute.

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