Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Complete Achievements

The Achievements

Here is a list of the achievements available in the Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC.

  • Raiding for a Living 
  • Diebrarian 
  • Beverageer 
  • Hostile Takeover 
  • All Sugared Up 
  • Eyes on the Prize 
  • Taken for a Ride 
  • The Grand Tour 
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Power Play

Quest related Achievements

NOTE: It is very important that if you wish to acquire 100% completion you must not accept the “Open Season” quest after the quest “Taken for a ride” as this will prevent you from doing the other 3 major quests involved in the DLC. “Open season” may be completed once you have finished the main questline. I have listed these achievements in chronological order (the correct order in which you will/should recieve. As these are story quests spoilers are ofcourse present, read further for your own will:

Taken for a ride

This is a very easy and unmissable achievement as it is the first quest involved in Nuka World where you are tasked to “Run the Gauntlet” and defeat the current Overboss in charge. Once you have defeated the Overboss and left the Gauntlet area you will be granted the achievement.

The Grand tour

(This is the longest quest in the DLC) After shortly leaving Gauntlet, Gage will talk to you and encourage you to capture gang teritory for the 3 gangs. It dosn’t matter which areas you allocate a gang too as the achievement will still be unlocked. To capture a location (One of the theme parks) you must enter where you will be given another set of quests relating for you to empty out/clear the gang territory area. Once this has been done the option to put up a gang flag will allow an area to be captured. Dont forget to acquire the tributes after each location!

Home sweet home!

This quest require the process of establishing 4 outposts in the commonwealth which is a rather fun process. After completing “The Grand Tour” Gage will recommend that you talk to Shank who will distribute these commonwealth settlement take over missions. Be careful doing these missions will cause Preston Garvey as well as the minutemen to go hostile on you, unfortunately guys Preston Garvey still cannot be killed… By capturing 8 or more outposts you gain access to the Warlord level 3 perk which allows more settlement features such as the option to create a tribute crate. Note: You cannot raid settlements with a companion or a quest related character on it!

Power play

After “Home sweet home”, depending on which gang was given the least territory this gang as well as the slaves will cause a riot meaning a nice big shootout within Nuka Town USA. Do not worry as there are 3 gangs it creates a 2v1 situation not 1v1v1. The final main mission involves the weaker gang taking over the power plant. It is then your job to kill the leader of the gang as well as activating the power in Nuka World. Be sure to go back to areas that were locked to find more loot and secrets!

Raiding for a living!

This quest consists of you completing 12 quests for any Nuka-World raider gang. These arent major quests and are ones that involve you either protecting/stealing a weapons stash or simply kidnapping someone with a shock collar. They take no more than 10 minutes each to complete and some are quite fun. Talk to any leader and say that you’ll help them. These quests can be completed after “Power play” or any other part of the DLC, but however they cannot be completed if you did the quest “Open Season”.


This quest involves the process of collecting all 5 SCAV magazines which are located around Nuka World. Just like standard magazines they too offer special perk bonus’s. Here is a video that shows you the location of all magazines.


In the DLC 20 NEW flavours of Nuka Cola have been introduced with some being from other fallouts. This achievement requires you to craft them all! I highly recommend doing this after you have explored the majority of Nuka world as you will have collected most of the recipes which are found in books as well as you’ll have most ingredients required. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT discard or sell ANY Nuka Cola. In order to craft them you have to use a brewing station which can be created in the workshop or you can find them in most themeparks. Look out for a clear area with seats as well as squared blocks as these are the “mixing hubs” which are found in the park. They are hard to miss but you can get lost really easily!

Personally i went through each one methodically crafting it so i knew that i couldnt miss a single one. If you think you have crafted them all, but still didnt achieve the achievement; try again!

This video shows you where all the Recipe books are located. You start with 5 flavours and only require to find the other 15 meaning a total of 20!

Hostile Takeover

This achievement requires you to take over 8 settlements in the commonwealth. This is worth it as you unlock the tribute chest in the workshop.

After you have completed “home sweet home” you have the option to talk to Shank and be able to acquire another Job. From here you will be able to choose what settlement you want to capture as well as what gang will have control of it. You can use force to capture (kill everyone which is pretty fun-“Remember, No Russian”) OR you can do it peacefully with intimidation from local raider broadcaster ( Built in the workshop) OR you can have the option of paying off the leader or passing a HARD speech check.

Once you have cleared the outpost you will need to build a gang flag which will conisder the objective taken over.

For the quest “home sweet home” it requires you to do 3 in order to progress so another 5 minimum neeeds to be done for the achievement.

Note: This mission cannot be completed if the quest “Open season” has been done prior

All sugared up

This quest requires you to kill 40 NUKA WORLD CREATURES under the effect of any nuka cola drink. This section will tell you how to do it and what i recommend.

Firstly it is important to know that kills only add up with the new creatures such as:

  • Flying ants
  • Soldiers ants 
  • GatorClaws
  • Crickets
  • Rad Rats
  • Nukalurks

NOT raiders or humans.

Also it important to know which Nuka cola’s to drink. I personally drank the Nuka Cola’s which gave +25 carry weight such as Nuka Void, or those with substantial boosts like Nuka-Sunrise which gives +150 HP. The reason for these powerful crafted drinks rather than a standard Nuka cola quantum is because their effects last for MINUTES not SECONDS meaning you can kill more within the time.

Once youve drank a Nuka Cola if you look in the bottom right of the screen there SHOULD be a pill image showing you that you are under the effect of a nuka cola. Unsure? Go to STAT>>Status >>Press Q which will you show you any effects that your character is under.

Ok now for where to kill, i recommend killing the GatorClaws at safari adventure as there are around 20 of them there. Afterwards head to Dry rock gulch where there are around another 20 bloodworms located. Make sure you are always under the effect when killing.

If you are in the situation of where i was where pretty much all locations were cleared you can always refer to the console prompt as it dosnt block achievements. You can spawn in bloodworms which is what i did and got the achievement literally within 3 minutes of start.

Use the command here: Player.placeatme XX0201ef 1 (Enter the amount you want can be more than 1 at a time.) XX will change depending on your game mod loads. As i have all 6 DLC’s it will be 06 for me as it is the load of the game.

Eyes on the prize!

Definately the hardest achievement if you want to do this legit. It consists of you redeeming 100,000 Nuka cade tickets at the Nuka Cade in Nuka Town USA.

Inside there is a variety of games where you can play and earn up to a maximum of 1250 tickets per game. If you do the maths that means you have to play 80 perfect games. However reels of tickets can be found all over Nuka World.

To play you need to get the Nuka Cade tokens which can be found or purchased.

The best way to earn good money in my opinion is the basketball game with the junkjet.

You dont have the play the arcade games correctly, there are no rules in the Commonwealth, unless you start massacaring any major town or get caught stealing.

you load up your junkjet with the basketballs around as well as you can craft them in the workshop. you place your self with the junkjet over the basket ball hoop and just spam away!

Dont forget to withdraw your tickets at the end as well as redeem them in the prize machine for the achievement to count!

However if you get really bored whilst doing so and say “I give up”. you can do the following with our best friend the console command prompt.

Player.additem XX019988 1 (Or the amount you desire) XX will change depending on your game mod loads. As i have all 6 DLC’s it will be 06 for me as it is the load of the game.

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