Tower Unite – Piano Guide

This guide is intended to be a guide that covers most aspects from the piano that we use in Tower Unite.

What is the Tower Unite Piano?

Tower Unites piano, is the game as the piano from Gmod Tower, called Virtual Piano, and not many people knew about this, that it was a pre-existing format. There is a rather sizeable community out there dedicated to playing Virtual Piano. Their website: here has many music sheets that are not in the original GMT music sheet list, the forums.

How to Play the Piano

Key Guide

  • [abc] = Play notes at the same time
  • {abc} = Play notes in order quickly
  • a b c = Play normally
  • abc = Play faster
  • a-b-c = Short pauses between notes
  • a – b – c – = Long pause between notes
  • : = Equivalent to [as] [dg] at a line skip

Reading Keys

  • A S D = Means you will press A, S, D normally.
  • [AS] = Means you will press A and S at the same time.
  • AS / {AS} = Means you will press A, then S fast. {} means you’ll press A, then S really fast but not at the same time.
  • A S A = Means you will press A, S, A with pauses.
  • A S (2x) D F = Means you will press A, S 2 times, then pressing D F only once.
  • Intro A S A / Verse 1 S A S = Means you will press A S A, Then S A S.

Where are the black keys?

The difference between some keys in songs for example could be E and e, this can confuse people.

  • a = Means White key, press a normally
  • A = Means Black key, hold Shift and then press a

Where to Find Songs?

As I said before, the Virtual Piano website has many music sheets that can be found here where users post covers of their songs, and you can also play the piano outside of Tower Unite here.

There is also a huge list of songs ranging from various difficulties here, that was provided to me by MacDGuy himself that can be found here. It is a huge document of songs that are known to work, many of them you may have listened to before from playing GMT.

Sometimes there are some songs that haven’t been added to any lists or websites yet, that are not uploaded to the Virtual Piano website, if you really are looking for a certain song, I highly suggest that you check out the Virtual Piano Reddit here. While it is a small community, it has some dedicated members that may provide some new songs, or perhaps do song requests.

And of course there is the official Piano Lessons Sharing Thread that can be found on the Pixeltail forums here.

Unfortunately there might not be a song on any of those websites that I suggested that you would like to use, there is always the option to search for the song you want “(insert song name) virtual piano” and you might get lucky.

Converting MIDI to Virtual Piano

There is a little piece of software that someone developed during the GMT days, that was provided to me by MacDGuy, this is a very temperamental file, that struggles to pull apart some more advanced songs, but feel free to download it here and experiment yourself. In order to use it you must have a MIDI file downloaded of the song of your choosing, and once prompted, upload the file in to the converter and it should give you a broken down version of your song, but with this music sheet it won’t give you much, you have to mess around with it yourself and salvage a working song, and hopefully you can share it with the world.

Written by Dr.Lemonstein

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