Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – List of Skill Fusion CGs

Just a list of what skill fusion you need for the CGs for gallery and how, I think, are efficient ways to do it.


This guide will contain small spoiler.
Do note all the CG characters will tell you what skill fusion they want. This is just incase you skipped it or forgot about what they want.

What is Skill Fusion?

Skill fusion unlocks at the first DLC (after you finish the Aincrad area)
However to unlock lvl4 you need to finish DLC2 and finish DLC3 for lvl5
You need to talk to a heroine and take for a walk and then talk to Argo and select to undertake a new skill fusion quest.

The quest can only be done with a party of 2 (you and the heroine)
There will be 3 stages, first time completing the quest for a skill fusion will unlock lv3, second time lv4 then lv5.

After you finish a quest go to talk to Argo again. Don’t be afraid when she says taking a new one will void any progress on the old one, this only applies to quest that is unfinished, finished skill fusion quest will not be affected.

List of CG

Some CG can only happen during the day.


  • Asuna – Healer lv3
  • Premiere – Healer lv3
  • Liz – Tank lv3
  • Silica – Buffer lv3


  • Leafa – Attacker lv4
  • Yuuki – Buffer lv4
  • Sinon – Buffer lv4
  • Philia – Attacker lv4
  • Strea – Tank lv4


  • Argo – Healer lv5
  • Eugeo – Attacker lv5
  • Alice – Buffer lv5

A scene but no CG

  • Rain – Buffer lv5
  • Seven – Attacker lv5

Maybe have a scene but I didn’t try.

  • Tia, Kizmel, Zero

Some Suggestion on Skill Fusion Grinding

My suggestion is to do healer first and equip healer fusion lvl5 for attacker and buffer later on. Because the huge boost to attack speed and ss sp cost reduction etc.


Equip both you and the heroine with the 100 col weapon from shop. And DO NOT equip EX skill that is considered attacker EX (any EX skill that is marked with a red crossed sword label) or you will kill the NM boss that I used to farm in like 3 100 chains even with the basic weapon when you have attacker fusion 3+. I went to multiplayer Nightmare mode, Kurjiez Desert – Adelzande Tower: Lower.

Go to the teleporter in the middle of map warp. There will be a lvl133 NM golem. Use 2 ss that have most hit and go ham on it or you can spam basic attack. (Remeber to stop at the needed chain amount and let it reset) Or you can do what I did is that combine this with the skill point farming and use weapons/ EX skill you never or hardly use.


Use the Form Up command and spam it to keep the NPC right next to you. But however, both you and the NPC needs to be blocking (I believe this is the case) so that the shield will be yellow instead of blue. And when hit you will see a green residual. Only this will count towards tank fusion quests. I did this at Stalvatos Ruins – Galeilix Cavern with the lion thingies which are lvl155+ on Nightmare. They have mostly AOE attacks and very predictable attacks.


Learn some basic healing skill (do not need the EX). Go to Vulcanus Citadel – Ashrael Infernos. Buff yourself with all the hp regen and hp + you can and jump down. This is instantly take you down to 1 hp. But without any enemy around it is completely safe. When you or your partner reached full hp, jump again and repeat. It should only take 6min including running in town for quest to get to lvl5.


Same place as attack fusion grinding. Use Attack, Switch, Use Skill command and follow by your own ss to get a skill chain. Should be relative quick.

Written by Elysse

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