Hand of Fate 2 – The Chariot (Challenge #8)

The Chariot

A plague of corruption is spreading through the downtrodden denizens in the Old City. Aid Estrella and her loyal soldiers and find a way for the citizens to escape.


It’ doesn’t seem like the deck you are choosing is very important at least not when I played Let me know if you find out something else.

To win this challenge is it important to utilize the Camp function since this will allow you to buy food for 1 gold/per food. You can camp whenever you wish or as instructed. Other than buying lots of food make sure to discover as many tiles as possible to save all 60 citizens. You don’t have to fight all the corrupted you meet just to make sure to discover all the tiles you can. There are at least two stages not sure if there is another one if you wish to continue or something but make sure nonetheless to have saved all 60 citizens before entering the end tile on the second stage to be sure, good luck.


  • Make sure to utilize the camp function as you can gain cheap food from the citizens by trading. 
  • make sure to discover all the tiles you can to save all the citizens.

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