Rogue Trooper Redux – Crafting

A comprehensive guide to crafting in Rogue Trooper Redux.

Scrappy Do’s

In mission two you gain the ability to cultivate scrap and use it to craft useful items such as ammo and other upgrades. Scrap can be farmed by looting the corpes of your enemies and by finding larger caches hidden around the map.

Rogue Trooper Redux - Crafting

Don’t wait. Cultivate!

It can be very easy to forget to loot enemies as you come in to contact with hordes or Norts throughout the campaign. Making sure to clear sections of the map first before farming their bodies for scrap is a recommended tactic as doing so under fire can be troublesome. The rate of fire associated with the GI rifle can mean running out of ammo quite quickly so making sure you have enough scrap to covert into bullets at all times is essential.

Make sure to explore all areas of the map as large caches of scrap can often be found in hidden sections of the landscape.

Rogue Trooper Redux - Crafting

Bagmans words of wisdom

You will prompted throughout the campaign by Bagman when upgrades are available to you. If you have been proactive in picking up scrap you should be able to upgrade quicker, therefore having increasingly powerful equipment at your disposal.

  • Bagman’s upgrade level determines how many clips you can carry 
  • Salvage cost is how much salvage it takes to manufacture a clip 
  • Salvage Cost increases on Hard and Massacre mode 

Key tips for crafting scrap:

  • Loot EVERY enemy you dispatch in order to have enough scrap to craft with.
  • Make med kits and your GI rifle a priority as you will use them the most.
  • Keep checking for upgrades, they will benefit you massively against tougher enemies later in the campaign.
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