Fallout 4: Nuka-World – How To Enter The Morton Residence

This guide will show you and tell you on how to enter the MORTON RESIDENCE in Fallout 4: Nuka-World!

So you’ve probably made your way to Morton Residence and your initial thought is that it is just some plain old homestead that you can walk your way through the front door and loot the Nuka Cola inside! However, you’re wrong! What may be a difficulty for some players could be an ease for other players like me. If youre a player that is clueless on how to enter. Please read this guide and it will tell you how! Dont forget to rate and leave feedback. Many thanks

For those who are not sure where the Morton Residence is located, it is in the (North East) NE section of Nuka world.

First Method

So there are 2 methods of entering the residence. This is the first one.

You need to move yourself to the right hand side of the residence where you will see a broken window with a piece of X-01 power armour (This will vary depending on your level). You then need to approach the power armour frame. Hit E to craft. This will open up the power armour station allowing you to modify the power armour suit. Finally you need to back out of the power armour station.

This will then “Teleport” you into the residence…

Second Method

If Method 1 dosn’t work for some strange reason or you want to go the way the game intended you on going… this is your option.

Ok so at the front door you are going to want to turn around and drop down into what appears to be a small orange radioactive pond. From this point you want to turn back and look towards the house. You will then see an open tunnel.

Make your way down the tunnel and you have entered the Morton Residence.

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