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This guide will cover everything related to Demon Fangs in Okami.

What are Demon Fangs?

Demon Fangs are special objects that can be forced out of demons. Obtaining Demon Fangs requires Floral Finishers, which needs a special Celestial Brush technique or attack depending on the demon fought.

Some demons drop more than one Demon Fang when defeated correctly. Their only apparent use is trading them to certain characters for very useful items.

Executing Floral Finishers

A Floral Finisher is a special attack used immediately after killing a demon, when its body turns grey and falls through the air as time warps and slows. If a specific Celestial Brush technique is used as a finishing attack on the demon in mid-air, it drops Demon Fangs before the body disintegrates into a large patch of flowers on the ground.

Floral Finishers do not work if Amaterasu has already struck the enemy with something else during its dying state (a different brushstroke, a Divine Instrument, or the Thief’s Glove), or if she has just killed the enemy in certain ways. Cherry Bomb disintegrates the enemy’s body upon death, eliminating the chance to use a Floral Finisher. If an enemy’s Floral Finisher is normally Power Slash, actually killing it with Power Slash will prevent the finisher from working properly. Instead, you should deliver the final blow with a different attack and slash the body in mid-air afterwards.

Most bosses and sub-bosses do not have Floral Finishers, except for the individual Tube Foxes.

Other ways to obtain Demon Fangs

Applying the right Finisher to each enemy is an excellent way to farm Demon Fangs, but there are three additional ways to obtain more of them alongside Floral Finishers themselves.

The first method gets unlocked very early into the game and consists of using your reflector as a secondary weapon allowing you to use the Sub-Reflector Counterattack. When Amaterasu successfully blocks a direct physical attack with proper timing, she will launch into the air along with the victim and spiral back down to the earth before forcefully slamming it down into the ground. If a green bagua appears on the screen after blocking a physical attack, that is a sign that a Demon Fang has been released.

The second method is a more expensive one, but I highly recommend to unlock it at least later in the game as it will be required to get the ‘Teach an Old Dog New Tricks’ achievement. For this one you will need to pay Onigiri-Sensei to learn the Golden Fury and later on the Brown Rage technique. They actually are both really great ways to obtain additional Demon Fangs during your battles. I won’t explain what those techniques do on the other hand, as the names and descriptions themselves should make it fairly obvious. But if you still don’t understand what they do then don’t spoil yourself, it’ll make for a nice surprise when you purchase them.

Be aware though that both these methods only work once per demon per battle, so don’t waste your time doing it over and over again thinking you can cheat the system.

And the final method – which funnily enough is for me personally, the hardest one to obtain Demon Fangs with – is to play the mini-games during loading screens. There are two variations of the loading screen, each depending on how the screen is shown.

On screens with paw prints appearing along the bottom of the screen with Issun’s silhouette at the end, tap the jump button in time with the paws that appear (making them larger). Successfully timing a press with each paw print leads to Issun’s image appearing as a Demon Fang instead.

On blank load screens, mash the jump button rapidly to fill the screen with 50 paw prints to earn a Demon Fang.

You have to enable the mini-games through the options menu first before being able to play them.

Full List of Floral Finishers

Demon type – Floral Finisher – Demon Fangs earned

  • Green Imp – Power Slash – 1
  • Red Imp – Power Slash – 1
  • Yellow Imp – Power Slash – 1
  • Blue Imp – Galestorm – 1
  • Black Imp – Power Slash – 3
  • Headless Guardian – Cherry Bomb – 2
  • Bell Guardian – Power Slash – 2
  • Halo Guardian – Cherry Bomb – 2
  • Executioner Guardian – Cherry Bomb – 2
  • Namahage – Galestorm – 1
  • Blade Namahage – Galestorm – 2
  • Bucket Namahage – Cherry Bomb – 3
  • Umbrella Namahage – Galestorm – 2
  • Cannon Namahage – Galestorm – 3
  • Clay Soldier – Veil of Mist – 1
  • Clay Samurai – Veil of Mist – 2
  • Clay Drummer – Veil of Mist – 2
  • Clay Flyer – Power Slash – 2
  • Clay Shogun – Veil of Mist – 3
  • Bud Ogre – Bloom – 1
  • Chimera – Power Slash – 2
  • Igloo Turtle – Inferno – 2
  • Dead Fish – Power Slash – 1
  • Crow Tengu – Galestorm – 1
  • Ubume – Veil of Mist – 2
  • Fire Eye – Galestorm – 2
  • Ice Mouth – Inferno – 2
  • Thunder Ear – Power Slash – 2
  • Earth Nose – Veil of Mist – 3
  • Fire Doom Mirror – Galestorm – 2
  • Ice Doom Mirror – Inferno – 2
  • Thunder Doom Mirror – Power Slash – 2
  • Wind Doom Mirror – Veil of Mist – 3
  • Poltergeist – Galestorm – 5
  • Ichiro – Thunderstorm – 2
  • Jiro – Thunderstorm – 5
  • Saburo – Thunderstorm – 2
  • Blue Cyclops – Deluge – 5
  • Great Tengu – Blizzard – 5
  • Red Ogre – Thunderstorm – 5
  • Blue Ogre – Thunderstorm – 5
  • Bull Charger – Inferno – 5
  • Dogu – Power Slash – 4
  • Tube Fox – Power Slash – 2

Fang Traders

Now that you know everything on how to get Demon Fangs, you’re going to want to know what you can get with them. There are three Fang Traders throughout the game, but I will only talk of the first two as the last one is only accessible at the very end of the game, which is a point of no return and does not give you access to any new item whatsoever.

Every one-time purchase item through Fang Traders are holy artifacts, you can only equip three of them at the same time.

The first one you will encounter in your journey is The Great Fang Trader Kiba, located in Agata Forest near the broken bridge to Taka Pass.

Purchasable at your leisure:

  • Traveler’s Charms – Demon Fangs required 3 – “Protects travelers from danger. Increase godhood by 1 level.”
  • Godly Charms – Demon Fangs required 8 – “Charm imbued with the breath of the gods. Increases godhood to max.”
  • Golden Peaches – Demon Fangs required 15 – “Mystical fruit that fills the Astral Pouch instantaneously.”

One-time purchase:

  • Peace Bell – Demon Fangs required 20 – “Emits a holy tone that keeps Demon Scrolls at bay.”
  • Golden Lucky Cat – Demon Fangs required 50 – “Brings owner luck. Draws money and other valuables near.”
  • Wood Mat – Demon Fangs required 30 – “Make a cash offering and sleep on this mat, and your wounds will heal.”

At this point of the game, you should probably have a few Demon Fangs in your inventory already.

I highly recommend you to get to 50 as soon as you find Kiba, because the Golden Lucky Cat is honestly the best thing you can buy this early in the game period.

Its pickup radius is quite big and it will make your life so much easier as you will be able to pick up money, food, ink bottles and even Demon Fangs from a distance both in and out of battles. Meaning that you won’t lose time anymore trying to pick everything up while fighting demons, making it easier for you to get the best score possible in terms of time and thus getting more money faster.

The Peace Bell is also an item I’d recommend you to get fairly early, but only after the Golden Lucky Cat.

I really doubt any of you will have 50 Demon Fangs before even meeting Kiba, so you’ll want to run into Demon Scrolls anyway until you get enough to get either one or even both Holy Artifacts. Being able to pass by Demon Scrolls without having to be bothered by them anymore unless I decide to pick a fight myself makes the game much more enjoyable, but later on you may end up switching it off for another Holy Artifact from time to time and that is understandable.

Concerning the Wood Mat, I would pass at this point and get it later. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good item.

But the fact it drains my money to heal me (which with the godhood system you shouldn’t really take that much damage to your health early game) can make it quite a sacrifice. Money can be a bit scarce until late game because of the price of certain very useful items. So I’d keep my own 30 Demon Fangs on myself for now and spend it in more interesting Holy Artifacts later.

And the second Fang Trader is Emperor Takara, located in the Imperial Palace in Sei’an City. He will only trade for Demon Fangs after you freed him from Blight and thus returning Sei’an City back to normal.

One-time purchase:

  • Thief’s Glove – Demon Fangs required 70 – “Draw a line connecting Issun to an enemy to steal items.”
  • Golden Ink Pot – Demon Fangs required 100 – “Ink pot with golden sheen. Increases ink restoration speed.”
  • Water Tablet – Demon Fangs required 100 – “Ancient tablet that allows one to walk on the water’s surface.” 

It’s gold and costs a lot of Demon Fangs, it must be good right? Yes it is! The Golden Ink Pot is in my opinion the best holy artifact in the entire game.

It’ll make you regenerate your ink so much faster that running out of ink with maximum ink capacity will be almost impossible. I sure hope for you you have been using those Floral Finishers a lot, because you’re definitely going to want this in your equipment.

I didn’t use the Thief’s Glove a lot personally, probably because I never had any issues with item management. But I guess it has its utility.

I don’t exactly remember either if connecting Issun to an enemy was as tedious as it sounds since he’s such a little bugger, so I will leave some more feedback on this Holy Artifact as soon as I get to that part of the game again.

You will only be able to trade for the Water Tablet after you beat Kyûbi on Oni Island.

This Holy Artifact sure is pretty fun to use, but it is nothing more than pure utility and renders Water Lily completely obsolete.I still recommend to buy it though as it’ll save you quite some time to traverse through water.

Secret Achievement

There is only one achievement related to Demon Fangs, you will need to acquire 300 or more Demon Fangs during your playthrough. One way to easily tell if you achieved that is if you bought every Holy Artifact besides the Thief’s Glove, as the cost of that will be exactly 300 Demon Fangs. There are also other factors that will be counted towards that achievement specifically but I will probably make another guide about that.

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