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Want to get to that sweet sexy time ASAP? Here are some tips for the combat builds to get you there.

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Since each girl/campaign has different opponent spells to deal with, your abilities and consumables should reflect this.

First Girl: The Dark Elf

With a maximum speed rating, you will get very few moves in between her moves. As such, she is going to get to hit you a lot, and her poison ensures that heal tanking is not the best.

Because time is not an ally with her, my recommendation is simple. Pure damage.

Pure damage also means running pure stock. Physical, magic, heal, rage, and special ability should all be run as their default when against her.

As for consumables, you dont really need much. SM gag is insanely strong against every opponent, so I definetly reccomend it. Both healing consumables are a good idea as they will help with the poison. If you are taking a full four consumables, the last one is your pick, though a rage boosting one is not a bad idea.

Second Girl: Yoko aka the Archer

Yokos flames. If you have played against her, you know they can be incredibly challanging to deal with. While her speed may be only average, and she has no health recovery or action prevention capabilities, that burn can be the death of you if you are not careful.

Given that there’s not much reason not to, I recomend running the defaults for physical damage, magic damage, and rage. For healing, stick with the default to get as much healing as you can at once. For super gem abilities, either the default or holy light will do here.

As for consumables, I have to recommend both exorcism potion and leaves of life. Both help counter the flames, and once you counter them, this fight gets pretty easy. As usual, SM gag is a great consumable.

Third Girl: The Zombie

At first glance, you would think this to be an easy fight. She has low HP, and only average speed with a mediocre offence.

However, her combination of a high defence, passive damage, heavy reduction to physical damage, and her ability to heal herself mean that she can out last pretty well.

As far as abilities are concerned, running the default heal, and magic damage options are a good idea. Your physical spell however, should be changed out. I personally found moon light slash to be the best for improving damage here. For a rage gem, I have to recommend meditation for the bonus magic damage. For supers, take your pick of either holy light for removing damage over time, or the default for more damage.

As for consumables, leaves of life returns once again as one of the best picks. Since there isnt really a reason not too, SM gag is also a decent pick. Aside from these two, some rage boosting options are a good choice.

Forth Girl: Dragon Maid

If zombie girl seemed annoying to fight, then boy oh boy, you are in for a surprise. True she lacks resistance to a specific damage type, but her high sustain, and insane disruption potential gives her an amazing ability to drag out a fight.

Since her damage isnt that high outside of one occasional ability, the default heal spell is arguably the best. I would also advise the default for physical damage spell. Meditation or the default rage spell are also your best picks in this area as well. For a magic damage spell, run freeze. Its ability to delay her ice blocks and health regen is invaluable. As for super gem abilities, Holy light is practically mandatory. Removing all her frozen and heal providing gems instantly is invaluable here.

For consumables, its much the same idea of delay and prevent abilities. Run SM gag as usual for its shut out potential, and definetly take exorcism potion. Giant hammer is a nice pick, though I wouldnt replace gag or exorcism with it. If you have a full four slots, a heal is never a bad backup plan, though I found it too be less useful for this fight when compared to others.

Even with this build though, I still occassionally struggle against her in combat, so watch out.

Fifth Girl: The Ogre

So with the release of a fifth girl, it is now time to give a new set of battle reccomendations. Compared to Lin the dragons habit of removing plays like crazy, this girl is much easier it this regard. Of course, she makes up for this by having plenty of health, and a really high damage output.

Given that her damage is as high as it is, strong health recovery becomes a priority. To this end your healing skill should be the default or exorcism. Exorcism will make your life a little easier with her disruption while the default grants the best health recovery. As for physical damage spells, your best overall pick is going to be life drain, though the default is decent as well. Life drain is great for sustain, but the raw damage of the default isnt bad either. For magic gem skills, curse is your overall best bet. Given her raw damage output, its kind of a no brainer here. Your rage skill choice is largely a free pick, with all three being viable choices here. As for your super gem skill, its a free pick between the default and hot blood. The default is great for damage, and hot blood serves as a nice balance of offence and defence. While she can disrupt plays, its rather easy to deal with her disruption, so I dont find holy light to be of practical use here.

As far as items are concerend, she has both burst and sustained damage. Leaves of life is basically mandatory as a result. SM gag is also a welcome addition, shutting out plays and generally making your life easier. Besides these two items, you have a lot of options. With the amount of health she has, hour glass may be a worth while pick, if only to grant better income bonuses at the end. Otherwise, grab your preffered rage consumable to maximize your damage potential.

Sixth Girl: The Anime Expo One aka Ketsuno

This girl is honestly a deceptivly difficult fight. At first glance, her lack of defensive boosts for herself, would make her seem an easy fight. However, she has enough base line tank stats and disruption to make things tricky, while also managing to pack a heavy damage arsenal.

While her high base health might make running the default physical and magic spells tempting, she also packs a lot of defence and resistance. As such, I definetly reccomend grabbing moonlight slash for a physical damage spell, as it is far better against high defence opponents. For a magic damage spell, you have some options. I would say your best bet is to run freeze, since it will delay her damage output, giving you more time to heal and attack. For your healing spell, I would definetly recommend exorcism. While her disruption is rather infrequent, it is also extremely powerful, so shutting it down with exorcism will make life much easier. As for your rage skill, I would heavily advice the use of rejuvenation. Since she can lower your rage and deal heavy damage, the ability to quickly gain rage and improve your healing is a must. Finally, for a super gem skill, I would highly reccomend the default. The massive amount of damage you can do with the default is definetly useful here.

For items, its back to the same two must haves that are present with Lin the dragon; exorcism potion and SM gag. Her disruption is rather annoying, and her rage reducing powers can be fully nuffified with the gag. If you have more slots avaliable, definetly invest in rage items. Unlike a lot of opponents, I found healing items to not be mandatory here, so its kind of a free pick for a fourth item.

Even with this build though, she is still a challange to beat, so do keep that in mind.

Seventh Girl: The Egyptian Queen

Ok, so this fight is simply put, an unusual one. Dont get me wrong, she can definetly prove a challange, but having just finished dealing with a tank to end all tanks, this fight can go insanely fast by comparison.

While she has a lot of health, she also lacks any form of real resistance. Because of this, the default physical damage spell is by far, the best overall pick, as it allows for optimal damage output. For magic damage, it the default again. For regen, I definetly recommend grabbing Exorcism. While not a strong heal, Exorcism can quickly take down the beatles. For rage, I would definetly recommend grabbing Rejuvination. Its ability to improve heals and bolster damage through rage are invaluable here. As for a super spell, I have to recommend the default. While holy light may seem tempting, given her damage and disruption, it just dosent compare with the default in this instance.

As for items, in a rare twist, I actually reccomend using giant hammer. The sole reason for this is the giant hammer can remove the snake, while exorcism potion cant. SM gag is as always, a welcome addition in any fight, and its no different here. Ideally it should be used early, right before her first use of beatles. I would also advise grabbing an exorcism potion, just incase the beatles get out of hand. After this, its a matter of personal preference.

Eighth Girl: The Nun

Holy hell can she ever heal tank. I mean, seriously. Two health bars recovered at once? That’s kinda crazy. Thankfully, she doesn’t pack any form of resistance or serious damage, though she does still carry one of the highest total health counts in game. In short, much like Lin, she is gonna beat you more by out lasting then by out right killing.

So as far as spells are concerned, there is definetly going to be a need for damage here. To this end, your physical and magic damage abilities should both be their defaults. You could also run freeze for a magic spell, since its delaying of her heals is rather useful. For heal abilities, I would reccommend going with lucky charm. Healing is not a priority in this fight, and the additional empowered gems will help with dealing damage. For a rage skill, I would reccomend grabbing either the default or meditation, as both are great to maximize damage. Your super gem skill should also definetly be the default, cause the more damage, the better here.

For items, its our ever common classic SM gag back again. Along with the gag, I definetly would advise grabbing giant hammer as well. Both of these items are meant to deal with one simple thing; the feathers. Aside from those two items, its basically a free pick. I found diamond to be a nice addition, making it easier to get those all mighty triple super blast combos off.

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