911 Operator – Beginners Guide


Here are tips about gameplay and maps

  • It a good idea to spread your units around the area at the beginning of duty.
  • Be focus and watch the map. It’s very easy to miss a new incident. You can always check the active incident in the incident registry which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • There is a time control device at the top of the screen . You can slow or stop the time if you have problems.
  • At the lower left corner you can find unit list.

911 Operator - Beginners Guide

  • Red dart, indicate time panel, yellow indicate unit menu and green indicate incident registry.
  • Read carefully incident report. Look at the number of injured or/and suspect. Think what to need to quickly solve the case. It useless to send police van with full armed crew to give a driver a ticket.
  • Blue ikon means that you need police to solve case red that you need fire department and white that you need medical service. Two or three-color ikons mean that you need multiple services to solve the case.
  • Always check if your units arrived on the scene. 

911 Operator - Beginners Guide

  • Sometime you can accidently click near the icon on the map and then your units stops there and don’t take part in solving the case. 

911 Operator - Beginners Guide

  • Units on the scene are always display above the incident ikon.
  • If you chose the unit it ikon has bold box. 

911 Operator - Beginners Guide

  • As you can see the police van is now chosen.
  • On the scene must remain at last one emergency unit. If you need to you can take any other units from the scene and use them in the next incident.
  • Injuried people are mark with icon with blood drop. One drop blood means that person need only first aid. Two drops indicates heavy injuried person who need medical treatment.
  • Equpiment give your recscuers boost to statistic and makes them work faster on the scene.
  • Heavy injured people and criminals must be transport to the nearest hospital/police stations.


Here are the call tips.

  • You should always start conversation with the when question. Even if you thing t that the call is not emergency situation. This game have a few surprise. Tracking devise still work after the call but you lose valuable time.
  • Ask as many question as possible The more you know the better you can handle the situation.
  • Listen any background sound during conversation. It helps, especially during empty calls.
  • Be nice and understanding but determinate. Don’t hesitate to say no when this is non-emergency call. Remeber your units are limited so you should send them only to emergencies. 
  • if you said the caller that is case is non-emergency, don’t send any units. Being inconsistent is bad for your reputation.
  • 911 line is for emergency that happen now.
  • Be careful when you instruct the caller. Always remember about his/her security!
  • Time slowdown during the call, so you can focus on this particular conversation.


  • Order of Smile if you recive unusual call don’t ignore them. Start behave in the unsual way.
  • Community Policing Medal It’s quite difficult to reach 100 points. You can do this during special events in campagin mode.

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