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A complete guide for the Gwent Card Collector Achievement!


Welcome to the Gwent Card Collector Guide!

This guide contains a complete walkthrough of how to obtain every card required for the Card Collector achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game. All these cards will have to be obtained via one playthrough to unlock the achievement. The design of this guide allows for the user to follow from top to bottom without worrying about missing a card. The game provides multiple cards of the same variant however the player is only required to have at least one of each. I shall provide card factions and I have also noted down which ones are missable in the details and which ones are not. Images have also been uploaded for each location. Also, please consider that this guide assumes you have the latest version/patch of the game istalled. This guide do not at the moment include the Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine DLC.

Card Factions Key:

  • N – Neutral
  • NR – Northern Realms
  • NG – Nilfgaardian
  • S – Socia’tael
  • M – Monster

Happy collecting!

White Orchard

White Orchard Inn

Innkeeper Esla
Purchase from Innkeeper Elsa before completion of Lilacs and Goosberries. If not then the cards can be purchased from the merchant Bram you rescued earlier from the Griffin.

N – Decoy
NR – Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter
NR – Catapult
NR – Blue Stripes Commando
NR – Foltest Lord Commander of the North

Play him to begin the Gwent tutorial as this will be your first game. If you fail to win or do not play against this NPC then his card card can be found by the Hanged Mans Tree right next to a campfire which is the first place you access when you reach the next map.

N – Zoltan Chivay

Royal Palace of Vizima

Nilfgaardian Nobleman
This NPC will be sat on a bench in a garden just outside Yennefers room. Play him for a unique card.

NR – Foltest The Siegemaster

Velen & Novigrad

Inn at the Crossroads

The Innkeeper
Play this Inkeeper as part of the quest Gwent: Playing Inkeepers. You must first beat Stjepan at The Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt. Purchase the selling cards first and then come back to this NPC when you have the quest.

N – Commander’s Horn
NG – Impera Brigade Guard
NG – Nausicca Calvary Rider
NG – Seiege Engineer
NG – Emhyr var Emreis Emperor of Nilgaard
NG – Menno Coehoorn (Gwent: Playing Inkeepers)

Crow’s Perch

The Bloody Baron
Follow the quests up to Family Matters and continue to investigate the rooms. Once done investigating the rooms this NPC will be available to play for a unique card. Delving further into the quest will make him unavailable. If you missed your chance then you can actually take his card from his desk which he generally stands by. Upon winning the match he will activate the quest Gwent: Velen Players.

NR – Sigimund Dijkstra

Located within the same walls. Purchase these cards.

NG – Nausicca Calvary Rider
NG – Albrich
NG – Zerrikanian Fire Scoripon
NG – Impera Brigade Guard

Purchase these cards too.

N – Decoy
NG – Cynthia
NG – Nausicca Calvary Rider


Play him as one of the NPC’s for the quest Gwent: Velen Players.

NG – Letho of Gulet


Play him as one of the NPC’s for the quest Gwent: Velen Players.

M – Crone Weavess


Haddy of Midcopse
Play him as part of the quest Gwent: Velen Players.

NR – Vernon Roche

To access this merchant you must clear out the pirates at the “Coast of Wrecks” waypoint and release him. There has been uncommon reports of this NPC not appearing in Midcopse after the rescue due to a bug. Save before the attack and meditate for a whole day. Meditating should fix the issue.

NG – Morteisen
NR – Poor F***ing Infantry
NR – Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter


This merchant also needs to be rescued from a “Bandits Camp” waypoint directly south east of Claywhich. His rescue is labelled as Persons in Distress. There is a very common bug involving the key to release him does not drop from the bandit leader. I recommend saving before the game has located the Person in Distress camp as even upon reload the glitch can persist otherwise. Upon release meditate for a whole day. The issue should be resolved or even avoidable. Once he appears in Claywich go and purchase these cards from him.

NR – Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter
NG – Sweers
NG – Puttkammer
NG – Etolian Auxiliry Archers
NG – Black Infantry Archer


Purchase the following cards from him.

NR – Poor F***ing Infantry
NG – Etolian Auxiliry Archers
NG – Black Infantry Archer
NG – Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpian
NG – Rainfarn

Oxenfurt – The Alchemy Inn

Innkeeper Stjepan
Purchase the following cards and then play him as part of the Gwent: Playing Inkeepers quest.

N – Commander’s Horn
S – Vrihedd Brigade Veteran
S – Dwarven Skirmisher
S – Mahakaman Defender
N – Yennefer of Vengerberg (Gwent: Playing Inkeepers)

Seven Cats Inn

Purchase the following cards.

N – Decoy
NG – Impera Brigade Card
NG – Young Emissary
S – Mahakaman Defender
S – Havekar Smuggler

Cunny of the Goose

Purchase the following cards from this one.

N – Scorch
NG – Impera Brigade Guard
NG – Young Emissary
S – Havekar Healer
S – Francesca Findabair Daisy of the Valley

Novigrad Kingfisher Inn

Innkeeper Oliver
First purchase the following cards from him and play a match as part of the quest Gwent: Playing Innkeeps. Oliver may become unavalible after the quest Now or Never but his card can still be obtained from the hidden room leading to the cellar to the left of where Priscilla performed her song.

S – Havekar Healer
S – Vrihedd Brigade Veteran
S – Mahakaman Defender
S – Havekar Smuggler
NG – Tibor Eggebracht (Gwent: Playing Inkeeps)

Bank of Vivaldi-Vivaldi

Play againts the banker as part of the quest Gwent: Big City Players.

N – Vesemir

The Golden Sturgeon

Purchase these following cards listed.

S – Barclay Els
S – Dol Bathanna Scout
S – Mahakaman Defender
NG – Siege Technician


Innkeeper Marquise Serenity
Purchase these following cards first and then play her a match for the quest Gwent: Big City Players.

NR – Catapult
S – Mahakaman Defender
S – Dol Bathanna Archer
N – Commander’s Horn
NG – Morvahn Voorhis Gwent: Big City Players

Novigrad Bathouse

Sigimund Dijkstra
Play this one for a Unique Card. He can be found in his office anytime after you have met him inside his bathhouse. He is part of the Gwent: Big City Players quest.

NR – Esterad Thyssen

Forest Camp

Scoia’tael Merchant
Play him as part of the Gwent: Big City Players quest. You must have won againts Sigimund Dijkstra to play a match againts this NPC.

N – Cirella Fionna Ellen Rianno

Vegelbud Residence

Party Guests
These cards must be obtains during the quest A Matter of Life and Death or you will miss them. Once upon entering the party take a right and approach the guests at the table. A yellow marker on the minimap will be visible. Make a save an play Gwent againts them. Win againts each person to win the three following cards.

M – Vampire Bruxa
S – Milva
N – Dandilion

Rosmary and Thyme

Zoltan Chivay
This NPC will activate the quest Gwent: Old Pals. Meet him at this location and play Gwent. Then go and complete the main quest A Poet Under Pressure and return. Zoltan will ask for your help with getting three Gwent cards in the quest A Dangerous Game. Complete the quest and at the end he will offer you crowns or the three cards. Turn down the crowns and take the three cards or they will become missable.

S – Saesenthessis
S – Insemgrim Faolitarna
NR – John Natalis
NG – Fringilla Vigo

The Nowhere Inn

Complete the secondary quests Redanias Most Wanted / An Eye for An Eye / Now or Never. Upon completion you should be given the quets A Deadly Plot. This will be the one where you meet Thaler. When you have ended the quest play him for the following.

N – Geralt of Rivia

Part of the quest Gwent: Old Pals. To reach Lambert you will have to obtain the secondary quest Following the Thread found on a billboard in Novigrad. This quest reaches into Skellege Isles so you may have to resume this one later. Once you reach Hammond loot him for a Nekker card and make your way to the Nowhere Inn but be sure to save your game before you enter. Conclude your quest with Lambert and then quickly catch up and activate dialogue as he walks away. Now play Gwent and win the following.

N – Triss Merigold


Now its time for the High Stakes quest. So you should by now have enough power in your decks to be accepted into the tournament. Make sure you save before each round, becuase if you fail one then all the other cards become missable. The entry free is one thousand crowns. The cards you win upon success are listed below. After this you can ride to Skellige!

NR – Foltest The Steel Forged
NG – Emhyr Var Emreis The Relentless
S – Francesca Findabair Queen of Dol Blathanna
M – Eridin Destroyer of Worlds.



Once you reach Skellige go and complete the main quest Echoes of the Past. You can then find him available here as part of the quest Gwent: Skellige Style.

M – Leshen

Talk to him to obtain the quest Practicum in Advanced Alchemy. Complete this and then play him as part of the quest Gwent: Skellige Style for a unique card.

N – Avallach Mysterious Elf

Located around the same area is a druid. Talk to him to receive the quest Shock Therapy. Make sure to accept this quest as once declined the rewarded card becomes unavailable.

S – Ivoreth

Kaer Muire

Madman Lugos
Challenge this one as part of the quest Gwent: Skellige Style.

M – Vampire Katakan

Kaer Trolde Harbor

Crach an Craite
Play this NPC as part of the Gwent: Skellige Style quest.

M – Draug

Challenge him as part of the quest Gwent: Skellige Style.

S – Yaevinn

Purchase the following cards.

M – Eredin King of the Wild Hunt
M – Botchling
M – Earth Elemental
N – Scorch


There has been some reports of this merchant being unavailable after the contract received from the guy that sits on a desk near him has been completed. Purchase these cards beforehand to avoid any unfortunate possibilities.

NR – Thaler
M – Arachas
M – Fiend
M – Crone Whispess


Purchase the following cards from this dude.

M – Nekker
M – Harpy
M – Ghoul
M – Vampire Fleder


Just some more cards to purchase.

M – Arachas
M – Foglet
M – ice Giant
M – Vampire Ekimmara

Urialla Harbor

Buy the cards listed below and now your almost there! 😀

M – Werewolf
M – Arachas
S – Elven Skirmisher
N – Scorch

Random Cards

Take a look at your Miraculous Guide to Gwent to make sure you haven’t missed anything. There should be no label for Velen/Novigrad/Skellige. If you do have one of these labels then you have missed something. If it only has a label for random cars, then you have successfully collected all unique and missable cards. Ok so now you have all the required unique cards. The rest are simple. Just find random merchants around the map and play them for random cards. These shall be the last cards remaining. Once you have collected all 47 random cards then you shall unlock the Gwent: Card Collector Trophy!

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