Mount & Blade: Warband – Cheats

In this guide i will take you through the step by step method to: gain thousands if denars, give your troops experience and seize the throne of Calradia to become the supreme ruler.

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How to Unlock Cheats

To actually unlock cheats you will have to mess around with the configuration of the game. When you open the mount and blade menu (the one with the women on the horse.) Go to configure and from there Hide Blood and Enable cheats will pop up you then tick the box that says enbale cheats, thats it once you have ticked this box you are ready to go, except from the fact that you need the key combinations to use the cheats.

Key Combinations

These are all in battle cheats.

  • Ctrl+H
    Heals your character. 
  • Ctrl+Shift+H
    Refills your horse’s health. 
  • Ctrl+F4
    Delivers blunt damage to a random enemy (doesn’t hurt horses). 
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4
    Delivers blunt damage to all enemies. 
  • Ctrl+F6
    Delivers blunt damage to a random ally. 
  • Ctrl+Shift+F6
    Delivers blunt damage to all allies. 
  • Ctrl+F5
    AI takes control of the player character. You can command yourself with the party command keys. 
  • Ctrl+F3
    Delivers blunt damage to the player character. 
  • Ctrl+F9
    Toggles slow motion. 
  • Ctrl+F11
    Freezes time

Key Combinations (Non Battle Cheats)

These are all non-battle cheats.

  • Ctrl+X
    Gives you 1000 experience points while on the character screen. 
  • Ctrl+X
    Gives a selected soldier 100 experience points while on the party screen (retail version only). 
  • Ctrl+X
    Gives 1000 denars while on the inventory screen (retail version only). 
  • Ctrl+W
    Gives you 10 points to each Weapon Proficiency while on the character screen. 
  • Ctrl+Left Click
    Teleports the party to the cursor (when on the map screen). 
  • Ctrl+T
    Lets you see all parties and tracks on the map screen. 
  • Ctrl+L
    Automatic level up. Warning: Do not level past 62.

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