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Mount & Blade: Warband - Prophesy of Pendor Guide

Written by Leylin   /   Sep 13, 2018    
Mount & Blade: Warband - Prophesy of Pendor Guide

This guide is to help players who are new to PoP progress.

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Keep in mind this is from the experience of a long time m&b warband player, if you are new to m&b, PoP probably won't be a player friendly mod to start unless you catch on quickly. I'll be providing some good to know knowledge that may help you out.

Starting Out Necessities

First things first, going to reports then victory progress can show you any armies spawned including unique heros. It can show you the state of all the factions strength although take it with a grain of salt, i'm 99% sure it's by fiefs taken by them not by overall unit power. It will show you the state of all the sub-factions which can't take towns but are able to spawn massive armies that you can't deal with for a while except with a few tactics at the bottom of the guide. The victory progress menu is important because you will most likely monitor it often to find out unique heros to hunt or the state of all the factions.

While creating your character, get a few points in inventory management if you haven't already, don't be scared to put points in int since later on you can drink potions to gain stats including int for more stat points although they are pretty expensive which require qualis gems. Inventory management will be extremely useful in large scale battles with tons of expensive loot as a reward.

In prophesy of pendor, keep in mind that archery is most definitely your friend. Even if you are decked out in some serious late game lordly tempered noldor gear etc, if you don't have high archery you can easily get swatted by a lot of strong units such as noldor units if you aren't friends with them yet. Hero adventurers although a lot easier to handle and kill. I usually don't have a problem with them even at level 1-10 but if you get caught off guard they can smack you dead one hit or seriously injure you even if you use damage reducing settings.

Archery will be extremely helpful once you get the Ullr Vetr Manifest bow from wolfbode spawning. This is a 39 damage bow which if you have 10 power draw can annihilate most units in one hit. This is even without getting the lethal jatu arrows which provide you +7 damage arrows with 28/28 in the pack. I recommend farming these arrows for your companions if you want a lethal unkillable (Gets knocked unconscious) team. It takes a lot of work to raise their skill but you can use qualis gems to speed this process up with potions from one of the wandering salesman; Finneas de Digit. He also sells you books that can provide stat bonuses or relations with noldor.

For those needing money fast with a weak character and weak army, the best early achieveable way if you can't mass capture lords in a doomstack battle is to kill brigands or lancers near marleon. Do not mess with lancers unless you have archery or a lot of hills in your battle area, aka noldor mountain. If you have a companion with a few levels in looting, you can get thousands in minutes without putting in much effort. You definitely need a decent horse for lancers if you are in open fields. Just shoot them as they chase you but make sure you have two slots of arrows if you can't two or one shot them. Avoid lance hits and get behind them if you run out of arrows to finish off remaining ones. The brigands are extremely weak and useless for how easy they are to kill. If you aren't using archery for brigands you may use a shield & sword if you don't have decent armor so you take less hits.

For those less fond of archery you should stack strength instead although I don't recommend it over not hybriding archery & melee, you can just do power strike save two qualis gems and get an emerald rune glaive which has insane amounts of damage. I highly recommend this weapon for late game. Be wary though, you may have trouble using it up the ladder in sieges and in enclosed spaces. The length is very long which has merits and cons. You can bang it on walls behind you cancelling your attack as well as not being able to hit over your own units in a siege.

Before starting a faction, I recommend you to build relations with as many people as you can 20-30+ for relation drops when taking them prisoner. The best way to do this is constantly fighting huge groups as a marshal in different factions. It builds renown for you aswell as lets you bring them into your faction if you capture them later in a war against their faction.

Extra King & Unique Hero Knowledge

All kings and some unique heros can provide good armor or weapons if you capture them. Kings require you to annihilate almost their whole faction before you can use the option to get their prized gear. Unique noldor lords will both give very nice mid game gear to stomp people with if you can weaken them without enlarging them with jatu armies. Refer below to understand what I mean by this.

Fair warning, never ever use qualis gems on noldor units to capture a castle or town, it is not worth it at the expense considering in PoP marshals have a 100% chance to ignore the enemy ai to stop you out of the map and ruin those precious noldor units. Me personally, the only time I get noldor units is either from saving them from slavery via the laria transports or once I am mid game and can get qualis gems on a regular basis, I stack up 50+ twilight knights with some cannon fodder to shred any invaders. You literally can't be stopped they shred any normal faction like poking a pencil through paper.

Guerilla Warfare Tactics

If you need easy money and you don't have the ability to take lords down, there are also other ways to capture lords albeit slower and a bit harder to achieve. You can drag them into fights with noldors near one of their noldor lords and I guarantee if you join the fight the 600 can stomp a 2000 doomstack if you want to afk or join the fight.

Dragging lords into the noldor squads can also be a great way to easily get max relations with them if you persist. Do not do this with a large army if you don't have a companion with a lot of pathfinding or aren't 0+ relations with them yet, because the noldor squads are small and extremely fast.

For early qualis gems, just slowly drag the unique hero armies into fights or the nord forest for an easy capture if you are lucky. You can also get a free qualis gem in the town of rane. Just go into the city, take a left. The chest will be near a hay pile which has a qualis gem in it.

If you are confident enough to hold down a fief from likely over 1k-3k+ doomsday stacks or want to just pick off the last fief of a weak faction, you can just drag one or two armies near a city and run so they invade the town and defeat it. Although even if they take it back and you can't defend it, this is useful for gorilla tactics if you need to end a war and they keep taking your new fief. After a few times of capturing the lords with no units stationed in the stomped cities you can force the enemy faction to end the war.

Written by Leylin.