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Did you ever play the Scout and felt like you are useless? Today we are looking not only at the Scout role itself but also at the capibilties you have with it. Which means a “quick weapon guide” including the SKS and the Makarov, showing you my own playstile and why it works the why it works.


Let’s start with your gear before we start talking about tactics and how to move around with the scout.

Your main rifle no matter if you play as a insurgent or militia is the SKS or Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova a semi automatic carbine.

Here a quick weapon guide:

You have 8 magazines with each having 10 rounds in them.
The calibre of this gun is the seven point six two by thridynine millimeters.

The SKS has a muzzle velocity of 715 m/s which means your damage falloff starts at onehundred and fifty meters and ends at twohundred and fifty meters.
In these onehundred and fifty meters you are going to deals seventyone damage per shot while it’s going to drop to thirdy five damage per shot after twohundred and fifty meters.

You need five point seven seconds for a dry reload and four point five for a tactical reload.

Oh and here two fun facts,
looking at the squad development kit you can see that the SKS is using:

  • The same projectile as the M One Ten and the SVD.
  • The SKS it’s damage curve, is the same as the AKM. Both use the “AKM_DamageCurve”

As a scout you also have a Makarov with 2 magazines
with each having 8 rounds.
You deal 32 damage with one shot.


The scout has one RGD-5 Frag grenade.
One TM-62 Anti-Tank mine,
One IED or improvised explosive device
and of course a phone detonator for handy wireless detonation!

You also have 2 smkoe grenades, 2 field dressings, one shovel to construct and destroy stuff.
and binoculars, important tool. Yes you heard me right, very important but we’re going to talk about that in a second.

There is also these 5 rocks also called “decoy rocks” aka. “nothing to see here” rocks.

The Sneaky Scout Guide

General information

The sneaky scout guide is about a playstile that’s focused on playing like you are a ninja
that wears a Kufiya instead of a black mask.

as the sneaky scout you mainly try to avoid being arround blueberries.
Your primary targets will be vehicles and your secondary targets will be FOBs or HABs.

With the ablity to kill vehicles that cost 28 or more tickets like the BTR Eigthytwo A and or killing FOBs worth twenty tickets you have a lot of power.


If you don’t hear an enemy vehicle shooting somewhere that you need to hunt you are on the search for enemy FOBs.
Efficient ways to hunt FOBs is to find a area where both teams are heavily fighting.
Let’s say you are on sumari fighting for palace
and trying to flank the enemys but not engaging them.

If you spot 2-3 people coming from the same direction you will try to estimate where the FOB or rally could be.
Even by destroying “only” a rally you might force the enemy to respawn at main and to take a vehicle with which they hopefully are going to drive over one of your mines.

If you found a FOB and you’re alone I’d advise you proceed like this: plant your IED somewhere next to the radio and start digging, if you can dig it down to stage 2 you can start running to a safe position and blow up the IED.
The IED is going to kill 2 stages of the FOB.

If you dig and get killed while doing so you have to quickly spawn at your main and call your loved ones with the phone detonator!

You will probably kill the people who just started digging it up and almost destroyed it.

Hunting Enemy Vehicles

If you want to hunt vehicles you need to listen closely and watch the map everytime your not sure if that vehicle shooting wasn’t a friendly one.

For this you can ask your Squad lead if there is a enemy vehicle that is holding him back somehow, maybe he want’s to get on a cap but can’t because a BTR is watching the cap.

If you know the area is hot and that there are going to be infantry people I suggest going full allahu akbar bike.

if the vehicle is in a remote possition where you probably won’t find many enemy infantry people you should try to sneak up on him and blow him up by ether:

  • A) Planting an IED behind him and blowing it up
  • B) Or planting a mine right next to him which will kill him and you instantly

I prefer B if I am out in the middle of nothing and if I have no vehicle to get back to a ammo crate, in any other case I’d rather plant the IED and get it that way.

Just keep in mind that the enemy vehicle won’t instantly blow up when you try it with and IED, they have a good 4-6 seconds untill the vehicle is going to die because of the fire.

Which means if you show yourself to the gun in that time you will probably get to eat some democracy.


So I mentioned you having binoculars.
The reason why it’s important for you to use them is that you can call out enemy vehicles that you might not be able to kill because of some reason.

Let’s say we’re on mestia, you are here, at the railway and just saw a Stryker going down the road towards warehouse.

You see that there’s a squad waiting to cap, you call out the Stryker to your Squadlead like this:

Squad lead, I just saw a Stryker driving towards warehouse, please report that to squad 3!

By doing this the vehicle won’t supprise the squad and they will probably be ready to shoot the Stryker when it’s coming up on them.

More Tips

If you want to use a bike
and stick your ticket to heaven on it.
Try to rearm before you join the battle so if this ticket doesn’t work anymore
you have a backup!

If you want to sneaky up on someone
Walking is generally better than driving.
Your footsteps aren’t as loud as a engine.

3.If it’s urgent you can ask your squad lead if he’s fine with you taking the small logi truck
It costs your team 3 tickets and respawns in 3 minutes.
Enjoy this knowledge with caution though,
if you don’t ask your squadlead and he was about to rush somewhere and set up a FOB you can destroy his plans with that.

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