I Expect You To Die – Walkthrough / Speedrun Guide

This guide will show you how to complete I expect you to die mission by mission, this will also explain how to complete the missions to get the speed-run souvenir!

Friendly Skies (Level 1)


When you spawn in, you’ll end up in a car, first step is to turn the car on, to do this there’s a key above you on the eye scanner, take it and put it in the ignition and turn the car on, this’ll activate the scanner and there’s two ways of avoiding death from it:

  • Grab the revolver that’s at the back of the car and shoot the scanner.
  • Lean to the side when the laser fires at you.

Once that happens a bomb will be deployed near the pedals of the car, you’ll want to grab it, to your right is a glove box which is long, you’ll want to open that and grab the knife within, you’ll find a piece of paper telling you how to ARM your bomb and not DEFUSE it, you’ll basically want to do the exact opposite of the arming and cut the wires in the order: 3,2,1. This will defuse the bomb.

Next you’ll have to look to your left and you should spot a screwdriver on the table outside, unwind the window and quickly grab it to prevent dying from the gas, oh and don’t forget to wind the window up again.

Next, unscrew the panel that covers the master gun reset, press the new highlighted button that is next to the steering wheel and the gun will come out, now you’ll have to load that cannon, find a stick of dynamite from the bomb and place it in the gun, once you’ve done that, simply fire the cannon, place the gear onto D (Drive) and press the acceleration pedal down.

Mission successful!


As soon as you spawn in, grab the key and slam it into the ignition and turn the car on, once you’ve done that unwind the window and swiftly grab the screwdriver, when you grab it face the scanner so it scans you, wind the window up afterwards and avoid the laser.

Unscrew the panel covering the master gun reset and ignore the bomb for a few seconds, then grab the knife and activate the cannon.

Swiftly afterwards, grab the bomb and defuse it, then grab a stick of dynamite and put it in the cannon and fire, while the cannon fires put the gear onto D (Drive), don’t wait for the smoke to disappear, just press down on the acceleration pedal. (If this doesn’t work the first time, keep trying!)

Speed-run successful!

Squeaky Clean (Level 2)


When you spawn in, you’ll be outside a room, to your left is a silenced pistol, use that to access the room by simply shooting the window. Next the security will activate, there’s two ways to deactivate the security:

  • Pick up a glass shard and open the panel on the little cylinder in front of you, cut the wires with the glass.
  • Open the locker closest to you and grab the ID card, this will trigger the alarm, to avoid dying either put the ID card into the ID slot on the cylinder or close the blind and wait for the gas to clear. 

Once this is done, you’ll need to create a chemical that can burn through copper and release the yellow handle, to do so unlock the green chemical and add the following to the chemical mixing area to your right: Blue, Green, and Red, once the chemical is made throw it at the copper chain.

Once you do this, a person will spot you, there is two ways to draw him away:

  • Close the blind, grab the sponge and pretend to clean the “window”, If you’re fast, he’ll fall for it.
  • Turn around to your right and look at the building, you’ll see the guy, use your pistol and shoot at the window to make him flee.

Next step is to make the Anti-virus, to do so you’ll need to use the following: Red, Yellow and Purple, place it into the machine that will tube the anti-virus into the virus, it will get rejected but do not panic, wait for the rocket to leave the building.

Do not rush/stress yourself at this part, there’s no time limit to when the rocket lifts off.

Rip off the panels on the rocket until you see the chains, again you’ll need to make the chemical that can melt through copper chains, once you’ve done that melt the chains and rip the lid off.

This is the part where you have to be fast and have a good steady hand.

Go back to the machine where your anti-virus is and bring it to the rocket, aim the anti-virus above the virus and try to land it in the virus before it lifts off, if you land the anti-virus in the virus, you’ll know.

Mission successful!


When you spawn, immediately grab the pistol and shoot the window, drop the gun on the table and grab a shard of glass, forget about the gas and lasers and cut the wires on the cylinder, once you’ve done this unlock the green chemical and make the chemical to melt the copper and throw it onto the chain and unlock the yellow chemical.

Do not panic yourself over the guy who spots you, just make the anti-virus. When the anti-virus is being mixed together grab your pistol and shoot at the guard who spots you, then place the anti-virus into the machine, when the pre-recorded message plays create the chemical to melt the chains on the rocket.

After ripping off the panels very quickly, use the chemical on the chains, remove the lid and place the anti-virus in, and if you did it all fast enough you should complete the speed-run! (If this didn’t work the first time, keep trying!)

Speed-run successful!

Deep Dive (Level 3)


When you spawn in, you’ll be in an escape pod which has malfunctioned, you’ll have to do multiple steps to fix the escape pod, first you’ll need to fill the engine up which is to your left, unscrew the cap and grab the fuel pipe and drag it so it’s facing above the hole where the cap was, then turn the fuel tank on and the fuel will go into the fuel tank, next step is to deal with the grenade within the engine, to the side of the fuel tank is a small cabinet where the engine is, you’ll need to pull out the grenade, do not panic, as long as you don’t let go you’ll be fine, there’s multiple ways to defuse the grenade:

  • Unscrew the pump panel, grab one of the screws and place it in the grenade, believe it or not but this will get you a souvenir.
  • Grab the glue gun in the top drawer to your right and glue the grenade.
  • Break the glass to the fire extinguisher which is to the left at the back, pull the pin and put the pin in the grenade.

Once you do this, the grenade will be safe, now here’s a major warning:

Do not under any circumstances, open the bottom drawer to your right, it’s full of grenades, do not even try to grab the flare gun in there either, you’ll most likely grab a grenade.

And before I forget, a little heads-up: At some point whilst doing these instructions the windows will begin to crack, letting water in, you’ll need the glue gun to fix the cracks, you’ll find it in the top drawer as well as a screwdriver.

Place the grenade somewhere safe and move on, unscrew the pump panel and place the lever in so you can drain the escape pod of water, oh and turn off the water pipe, before turning on the engine there’s pieces of paper around the escape pod, find them and put them together somewhere in a place where it’s easy to read as it’s a very important asset.

Finally, turn the engine on and rise the lever to “Accend” now this is where you’ll need to focus on your surroundings.

To make it easy for you, have both the glue gun in one hand and the extinguisher in the other hand, use the glue gun to fix all of the windows while accending, the front display will eventually malfunction and explode, use the fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

Near around the middle, you’ll hear the automated voice say “Would you like to vent oxygen?” this is a bad sign, grab the see-through drawer and open it, you’ll see something that looks like a cap opener, grab it and turn to your right and look at the back, where the oxygen supply is, there’s a little knob you’ll need to place the cap opener on the knob and turn it so the oxygen is on.

If you keep the water pipe off for a certain amount of time the engine will begin to overheat, when it happens you’ll have to turn the water pipe back on.

The last step is the self destruct code, the display will appear at the front of the escape pod, follow the instructions on the paper and you’ll survive, once you do this you’ll surface, open the escape pod, grab the flare gun to your left, which is above you and fire into the air.

Mission successful!


As soon as you spawn in, open the engine and grab the grenade, glue it together and dispose of the grenade, place the glue gun somewhere safe, fill the fuel tank up and grab the screwdriver and open the water pump whilst the fuel tank is filling, close the water pipe and drain the escape pod, start the engine and put it onto “Accend.”

Once you’ve done all of those grab the glue gun and fire extinguisher, glue the windows closed and put out the fire, once you’ve extinguished the fire you can drop the extinguisher and place the cap opener on the knob and stop the engine from overheating, once you’ve done that quickly assemble the pieces of paper together, the self destruct display will come up, try to be fast when you imput the code as that’s what divides you from the speed-run souvenir.

As soon as you surface open the top and grab the flare gun and fire without a hesitation. (If this didn’t work the first time, try again!)

Speed-run successful!

Winter Break (Level 4)


When you spawn in, you’ll be in a winter lodge lounge behind a table, the first step is to get into a vault which is to your right, behind you, there’s three items that have numbers on them but to make it easier for you the code is “386”, there’s a mounted candle, pull it down to access the vault, then open it, there’s something like a USB card, grab it and place it on the left hand side of the table where the green button is and press it.

The bear holding the crossbow will be activated and will try to kill you, to prevent it killing you and destroying it you can do the following:

  • Grab one of the arrows it fires and throw it back at the bear.
  • Using a lighter, light the rope that’s holding antlers above the bear.

Once the bear is deactivated, a hand will appear near the area where the green button was, the next step is to find a golden orb, there’s a mounted deer on the wall, grab it’s right antler and pull it down, the painting further to the right will slide away, open the door, now this is when gas will be pumped out by the deer that can kill you, to prevent it, set the deer on fire and the gas will become fire and cannot harm you.

Place the orb onto the hand and the machine will rise from the ground, pull the lever to get the machine to come out and remove the crystal currently in it, you will now have to put a purple crystal in the machine, where to find them is if you look to the right, examine the bottom shelf of the nearest bookshelf, pull the books until one of them reveals a hidden shelf, that’s where they are, align the frequency and avoid the lasers, keep doing this until the machine breaks, the helicopter will lower a handle for you to grab onto to your left, simply grab it and fly off!

Mission successful!


Now that you know the code, as soon as possible open the vault and place the USB card in the area where the green button is and press it, grab the lighter and break the rope on the antlers to destroy the bear, once you do that set the deer head on fire and pull it’s antler down and grab the orb, place it in the hand and gain access to the hidden purple crystals, do the steps to deactivate the machine, but try to be quick about it, and then grab the handle to hoist you out. (If it didn’t work the first time, try again!)

Speed-run successful!

First Class Vacation (Level 5)


When you spawn in, you’ll be in a train compartment, the first step is to gain contact with your partner, to do so listen to his message he sent on the phone, he’ll mention about patterns on the wall you need to find on specific items, the three items are the phone itself, the ticket to the trip and on the tea-pot, here’s how to find them:

  • PHONE: Simply look at the front of it, you’ll see three X’s, that’s the pattern.
  • TICKET: Using the lighter, light the ticket on fire, three black dots will appear in a formation, that’s the pattern.
  • TEA-POT: Look at the side of the tea-pot and you’ll find three dots in a V formation, that’s the pattern.

The patterns will reveal flashbangs, money and a parden and a screwdriver and ear piece, place the ear piece on yourself and you’ll regain contact with your partner, listen to his instructions.

Unscrew the phone and tap into each train compartment and listen for a violin sound, the one you’re looking for is compartment 5, you have to deliver a specific item to the person to make contact, to get access to the package tube, use the phone and spam the room service button until they send you a gift, when that’s done, put the lighter with your agency’s logo on it in the tube and send it to compartment 5, you’ll receive a ear piece.

Put the ear piece on your other ear and listen to the persons instructions, you’ll find the parden where the money is, send it to the person and you’ll get a device back which requires a code, the code is “211”, a little device will pop out, place it where you got the ear piece from and it’ll send data to your agency, however, assassins will then come for you.

The first assassin comes from the door, he pokes a silenced pistol through the letter box, there’s three ways to deal with him:

  • Bribe him with some of the money, it’ll make him go away and you’ll get a souvenir.
  • Using the lid for the food you get served, block his gun with it and make him fire into it, the bullet should bounce back at him and kill him, another souvenir.
  • Use a flashbang, pull the pin and insert it through the letter box and he’ll run off.

He’ll always drop the pistol, grab it, the next assassin will come from above with a spear, two ways to deal with him:

  • When he sticks the spear through the roof, shoot at that area and you’ll kill him.
  • Throw a flashbang ontop of the roof to stun him and he’ll run off, this is tricky and can get you killed if you miss, but you’ll get a souvenir if you manage to stun him. 

The third assassin comes from outside in a armored car, he’ll fire an MG at you, lean to the left to stay away from the gunfire, he’ll eventually stop firing, reload and throw a grenade at you, throw the grenade back into the car and he’ll die.

The final assassin comes in by a plane, to avoid him hitting you, lean back away from the window, there’s two ways you can defeat him.

  • Using the car, aim the gun and fire at the plane to bring it down.
  • This is really hard, use a flashbang to bring the plane down, you’ll get a souvenir if you do it.

All of the assassins are dealt with and you win the missi- oh wait, it’s a vacation…hmm..

Mission successful!


As soon as you spawn in, grab the phone and spam the room service button for three seconds, release the phone and then do the wall codes, place the ear piece in and wait for your gift to arrive, once it has grab the lighter and place it in the tube and send it to compartment 5.

Wait for a ear piece to return, don’t put it in your ear yet, grab the parden and place it in the tube and send it off, then put the ear piece in, wait for the device to come and input the code when it does and place the little device in the area where the ear piece for your partner was at.

When the first assassin comes along, use a flashbang and put it through the letter box before he pokes his gun in, when he leaves grab the gun and shoot the second assassin, for the third assassin you can’t kill him off quickly, you can only wait for him to stop firing at you and toss a grenade at you, when the plane comes along use the gun from the car to shoot it down, if you’re fast enough, you’ll complete the speed-run! (If this didn’t work the first time, try again!)

Speed-run successful!

Souvenir Guide / Conclusion

This guide was not made by me but I feel like sharing his guide with you people so you can do the souvenirs too!

Now you know how to be a master secret agent and speed runner! I hope this guide was of help to all of you! Enjoy getting those achievements!

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