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I Expect You To Die - Full Souvenir Guide (How to Complete)

Written by Badstormer   /   Nov 24, 2020    

Complete souvenir requirements and speedrun videos for all seven levels in I Expect You To Die.

Guide to Complete Souvenir Requirements

1 - Friendly Skies

  1. Guns Away - Toss the revolver out of the plane, either before or after you drive out of it.
  2. Smoking Break - Place a cigar in your mouth and light it with the flip lighter.
  3. Drunk Driving - Pour champagne into one of the champagne glasses.
  4. Make It Rain - Load money into the car's cannon and fire it.
  5. Bomb Parts - Defuse the bomb with the knife.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in under thirty-five seconds.



2 - Squeaky Clean

  1. Doctor Freeze - Mix some chemicals, then place them in the freezer.
  2. Laser Mister - Spray the spray bottle into the room to reveal the laser grid.
  3. Undercover - Spray the window with the spray bottle, then wipe it with the sponge.
  4. Plane To See - Grab the clipboard near the bunsen burner, then interact with it.
  5. Your Toast - Light your sandwich on fire.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in under two minutes.



3 - Deep Dive

  1. Strong Stomach - Consume the moldy sandwich.
  2. Twist Pin - Shove a screw into a grenade's pin hole to prevent it from detonating.
  3. Fire Away - Toss the fire extinguisher out of the pod.
  4. Emergency - Break the glass by firing the flare gun.
  5. No Leaks - Seal all cracks with the caulk gun before they start leaking.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in under two minutes.



4 - Winter Break

  1. Burning Crystal - Light the purple crystal on fire.
  2. Dapper Bear - Place a hat on the bear statue.
  3. Flying Saucer - When the escape helicopter arrives, levitate the golden ashtray up toward it.
  4. Styling Agent - Place a hat on your head.
  5. Molotov - Toss the whiskey bottle into the fireplace.
  6. Speedrun - Complete the level in under two minutes.



5 - First Class

  1. Finally Useful - Shove a bundle of cash through the door when the assassin arrives, as a bribe.
  2. Boom Plane - Damage the plane with a flashbang.
  3. Cloche Call - Shield yourself from the assassin's bullet with the food platter lid.
  4. Stunned - Stun the spearman atop the train car with a stun grenade. For best results, freeze the stun grenade above the car.
  5. Tea Time (note: somewhat finicky) - Call room service directly after dealing lethal damage to the plane, before it crashes.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in under three minutes, ten seconds.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (2:45)

6 - Seat of Power

  1. Smokey the Bull - Place a cigar in the bull statue's mouth, then light it with the flip lighter.
  2. It's What Plants Crave - Destroy the glass encasing the plant on the right side of the room, then pour champagne directly on to it.
  3. All Falling Into Place - Grab the chunk of pieces for the Z engraving from your left, then drop it directly on top of the Z engraving, ensuring at least one piece falls into place by itself.
  4. Got the Intel - Use the 'X-ray' headset to pick the lock beneath the Z engraving.
  5. To Bee or Not to Bee - After sealing the blast door to stop the flamethrower guy from burning you after finding the intel, wait for the beekeeper to drill a hole through the door, then seal this hole with the champagne cork.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in under fifty seconds.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (2:35)

7 - Death Engine

  1. It's All You, Meat - Use the meat canister in the food container as a second fuse.
  2. Orange Picking - Spray orange juice onto the locked container instead of manually 'hacking' it.
  3. Stop and Go Potty - Eject the meat canister, cigar, juice and crystal from the shuttle using the toilet.
  4. Oxygen is For the Weak - Refrain from sealing the oxygen leak at the start of the level - instead, procure the oxygen helmet from the airlock before suffocating.
  5. Thanks for the Assist - Catch a crate of radioactive waste that the magnetic arm on the other side of the station throws at you, then shove it into the death engine's laser focuser.
  6. Speedrun - Finish the level in one minute and forty-five seconds or less.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (3:50)

Written by Badstormer.