I Expect You To Die – Full Souvenir Guide (How to Complete)

Complete souvenir requirements and speedrun videos for all seven levels in I Expect You To Die.

Guide to Complete Souvenir Requirements

All credit goes to Badstormer!

1 – Friendly Skies

  1. Guns Away – Toss the revolver out of the plane, either before or after you drive out of it.
  2. Smoking Break – Place a cigar in your mouth and light it with the flip lighter.
  3. Drunk Driving – Pour champagne into one of the champagne glasses.
  4. Make It Rain – Load money into the car’s cannon and fire it.
  5. Bomb Parts – Defuse the bomb with the knife.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in under thirty-five seconds.



2 – Squeaky Clean

  1. Doctor Freeze – Mix some chemicals, then place them in the freezer.
  2. Laser Mister – Spray the spray bottle into the room to reveal the laser grid.
  3. Undercover – Spray the window with the spray bottle, then wipe it with the sponge.
  4. Plane To See – Grab the clipboard near the bunsen burner, then interact with it.
  5. Your Toast – Light your sandwich on fire.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in under two minutes.



3 – Deep Dive

  1. Strong Stomach – Consume the moldy sandwich.
  2. Twist Pin – Shove a screw into a grenade’s pin hole to prevent it from detonating.
  3. Fire Away – Toss the fire extinguisher out of the pod.
  4. Emergency – Break the glass by firing the flare gun.
  5. No Leaks – Seal all cracks with the caulk gun before they start leaking.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in under two minutes.



4 – Winter Break

  1. Burning Crystal – Light the purple crystal on fire.
  2. Dapper Bear – Place a hat on the bear statue.
  3. Flying Saucer – When the escape helicopter arrives, levitate the golden ashtray up toward it.
  4. Styling Agent – Place a hat on your head.
  5. Molotov – Toss the whiskey bottle into the fireplace.
  6. Speedrun – Complete the level in under two minutes.



5 – First Class

  1. Finally Useful – Shove a bundle of cash through the door when the assassin arrives, as a bribe.
  2. Boom Plane – Damage the plane with a flashbang.
  3. Cloche Call – Shield yourself from the assassin’s bullet with the food platter lid.
  4. Stunned – Stun the spearman atop the train car with a stun grenade. For best results, freeze the stun grenade above the car.
  5. Tea Time (note: somewhat finicky) – Call room service directly after dealing lethal damage to the plane, before it crashes.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in under three minutes, ten seconds.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (2:45)

6 – Seat of Power

  1. Smokey the Bull – Place a cigar in the bull statue’s mouth, then light it with the flip lighter.
  2. It’s What Plants Crave – Destroy the glass encasing the plant on the right side of the room, then pour champagne directly on to it.
  3. All Falling Into Place – Grab the chunk of pieces for the Z engraving from your left, then drop it directly on top of the Z engraving, ensuring at least one piece falls into place by itself.
  4. Got the Intel – Use the ‘X-ray’ headset to pick the lock beneath the Z engraving.
  5. To Bee or Not to Bee – After sealing the blast door to stop the flamethrower guy from burning you after finding the intel, wait for the beekeeper to drill a hole through the door, then seal this hole with the champagne cork.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in under fifty seconds.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (2:35)

7 – Death Engine

  1. It’s All You, Meat – Use the meat canister in the food container as a second fuse.
  2. Orange Picking – Spray orange juice onto the locked container instead of manually ‘hacking’ it.
  3. Stop and Go Potty – Eject the meat canister, cigar, juice and crystal from the shuttle using the toilet.
  4. Oxygen is For the Weak – Refrain from sealing the oxygen leak at the start of the level – instead, procure the oxygen helmet from the airlock before suffocating.
  5. Thanks for the Assist – Catch a crate of radioactive waste that the magnetic arm on the other side of the station throws at you, then shove it into the death engine’s laser focuser.
  6. Speedrun – Finish the level in one minute and forty-five seconds or less.

Souvenirs + Speedrun (3:50)

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  1. Okay can someone elaborate on the “Death Engine” glitch? I have trouble speedrunning it, but the video is not very clear in how to exploit the glitch.
    I grab the crystal while it is still in the box, push it outside the shuttle and then?
    Do I have to move/crawl across my playspace until I reach the reactor core with it?

    • Shove it outside the shuttle, then use telekinesis to force it through the wall next to the laser compartment. Your arm may need to be outside of the shuttle’s hull to steer it properly.

      It’s easier said than done.

  2. Great guide thanks.

    One note:

    All Falling Into Place – Despite many tries, this never worked for me when getting only 1-3 pieces to land. In the video you have 4 pieces successfully land. I eventually got it the first time I got 5 pieces to land. I never actually got 4 but I assume that’s actually the threshold.

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