Irony Of Nightmare – Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


The protagonist wakes up in front of a computer monitor which shows a small tutorial. As soon as you are able to move, head over to the left door. Enter the room with the Christmas tree and look at it.

Beautiful tree

Look at the Christmas tree

The lights turn off, the door locks and you have to find a key. It is located in the display case next to the window and table lamp:

Irony Of Nightmare - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Open the door and take the flashlight. Now you can enter the kitchen and need to find another key. This one is inside the refrigerator – take it. Open the refrigerator again.

Bon Appetit

See what’s in the fridge

Go back to the central room and enter the entrance room. Go left and take the key which is in the cubby. This key opens the bathroom – where another key is located:

Irony Of Nightmare - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Look at the shower and wait a few seconds. You won’t die. Almost all doors are unlocked now and you can interact with the computer. Receive and print the fax:

Irony Of Nightmare - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

The message is encrypted by a simple Caesar cipher.

P’t Uvls, dypal tl -> I’m Noel, write me

Execute the “Chat” application and find Noel as a friend.


Cipher decrypted

Next, chat with “Nick” and answer all of his questions with “yes”. Go to the child’s room and pick up the key:

Irony Of Nightmare - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

From now on, do not look back! Head towards the entrance room and leave the house through the main door. You will die.

Bad Ending

End the game for a bad ending

Click “Continue”, interact with the computer and enter Mother’s password. You get it by combining all four “glitches” in correct order. Password: verum_output


Find all parts of the password and use it

Take the flashlight again and enter the bedroom. “Face your fear” implies that you have to look at the man whenever he appears behind the window. Your goal is to reach this drawer and get the final key:

Irony Of Nightmare - Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Broke the game

Found the key to the exit

Go back to the computer one last time and click on the lock on the bottom left corner. A door spawns and you can leave the house.


Found the right way out

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