20 Minutes Till Dawn – Quick Pro Strats

A short and sweet guide for some broken synergies.

Tips for Pro Players

Kill everything in 1 shot

With Shana, save the freeze perk which reduces enemies health by 25% until you get her 3x perk multiplier. Combine with the kill enemies with less than 20% health perk to kill everything you freeze instantly.


The orbiting lens can apply the buff to the same projectile multiple times. Ghost summon projectiles are slow enough for you to keep passing the lens over them until they do 100,000+ damage.

“Infinite” “Perks”

Combining the ‘burning an enemy heals you 0.05% of the time’ perk with a fast firing weapon and Diamond’s permanent stat boosts on taking damage/healing allows you to farm permanent bonuses until the time runs out.

Written by rockclimber147

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