Secret of Mana – World Map

A visual guide to every Flammie landing point.

The Map

The Land of Mana:

  1. Potos Village
  2. Potos Village Outskirts
  3. Potos Village Cannon Travel Center
  4. Neko’s
  5. Water Palace
  6. Pandora
  7. Pandora Castle
  8. Pandora Ruins
  9. East Kippo Village
  10. Kippo Village
  11. Southeast Gaia Lowlands
  12. Gaia Lowlands Cannon Travel Center
  13. Northwest Gaia Lowlands
  14. Witch’s Castle
  15. Forest of Seasons
  16. Forest of Seasons Cannon Travel Center
  17. Great Forest
  18. Sprite Village
  19. Wind Palace
  20. Great Forest Cannon Travel Center
  21. Matango
  22. Fung Castle
  23. Cave of the White Dragon
  24. Kakkara Desert
  25. Kakkara
  26. Kakkara Cannon Travel Center
  27. Fire Palace
  28. Moon Palace
  29. Todo Village
  30. North Frozen Forest
  31. Santa’s House
  32. South Frozen Forest
  33. Frozen Forest Cannon Travel Center
  34. Tropics
  35. Crystal Forest
  36. Neko’s Crystal Forest Branch
  37. Ice Palace
  38. Southtown
  39. Southtown Cannon Travel Center
  40. Northtown
  41. Northtown Ruins
  42. Imperial Palace
  43. Mandala
  44. Mandala Temple
  45. Lofty Mountains
  46. Gold City
  47. Cold Tower
  48. Republic of Tasnica
  49. Mana Palace
  50. Turtle Shell Isle
  51. Lighthouse Isle
  52. Pure Land

Secret of Mana - World Map

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