Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Monastery: Scattered Pages Locations

Rough locations of all 10 missing pages.

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Scattered Pages Locations

 Square Hallway: 1 Scroll

  • Inside an easy locked cabinet.

Dormitory: 2 Scrolls

  • One’s inside an easy locked chest the other is on top of a chest.

Cellar: 1 Scroll

  • On the table as you enter the main cellar room.

Fratery: 2 Scrolls

  • On top of a podium in the main room then moving to the alchemy room it’s on the table.

Dining Hall: 1 Scroll

  • Near the kitchen door in a easy locked chest.

Library: 2 Scrolls

  • One’s in an easy locked chest while the other is on a table.

Abbot’s Bedroom: 1 Scroll

  • Behind the bed on a table.

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